Headless eCommerce and CMS help nutrition leader create unique UX in different countries

About the customer

A functional nutrition industry leader that provides practitioner-exclusive nutritional products and solutions across the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia. With a dedication to science-backed, carefully sourced, and continuously tested supplements, patients trust the practitioners who trust our client.

100,000+ core practitioner partnerships in more than 20 countries

300+ scientifically formulated proprietary nutritional solutions, including supplements and specialty medical foods

7,000,000+ R&D spend and research partnerships with top educational and medical institutions

Business challenges

Our client’s monolithic eCommerce model presented high development costs, slow go-to-market timelines, and difficulties customizing the frontend content experience and the backend functionality to the specific markets where it operates. Creating high quality and unique experiences across its different markets was becoming too complex, so our client sought a partner to:


Decouple the frontend and backend eCommerce layers.


Manage backend eCommerce functionality while plugging in a CMS-powered frontend solution of choice in its different markets.


Standardize and optimize eCommerce application development to be scalable and deployable to other markets.

How Softtek comes into play

After defining a roadmap that best fit the client’s digital transformation strategy, Softtek’s nearshore Agile pod teamed up with a product owner from the client’s California headquarters to begin the phase one release in the Japan market. Within one year, the headless eCommerce solution was completed from scratch and released for practitioners in the Japan market. With plans to expand the solution outwards in later phases and replace the Shopify stores in other countries where it operates, Softtek helped the client pick the right mix of standardized and market-specific solutions and tools as the engagement continues.

Built a custom in-house eCommerce platform using a serverless backend architecture to enable the web store load to scale automatically with demand fluctuations.

Integrated CyberSource as the payment service to be used worldwide.

Integrated Crafter CMS to enable any frontend framework to be used on top of the headless content server.

Leveraged AWS microservices to scale in a standardized and elastic way to other markets and used APIs for easy integration with the ERP and CRM.

Business impact

With a team of ten people and just one year’s time, Softtek helped the client release the eCommerce solution in its Japan market. Further, a self-healing production environment with DevOps automation has given way to greater agility and scalability as the engagement continues to other markets.

Powerful backend ecommerce engine supporting the whole operation and paired with the best frontend on a per-market basis.

Supported 1.6 million transactions in 1 year in 3 countries.

Global standardization of deployments and releases to production.

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