IoT reduces labor costs associated with telecommunications equipment monitoring by 80%

About the customer

Global telecom leader.

Serves about 20% of the Mexican market

20M+ service subscribers in Mexico

18K employees in Mexico

US $3B+ revenue in Mexico market

Business challenges

In a push to grow its market share in Mexico, our client acquired multiple carriers throughout the country in a short amount of time. To help all newly acquired datacenters and their electromechanical equipment get regulatory approval and meet internal standards, our client needed an IoT-enabled asset performance management solution.


Enable real-time monitoring of 32,000 electromechanical devices across 26 datacenters.


Anticipate anomalies that impact the quality of services provided to customers.


Comply with internal and government regulations.

How Softtek comes into play

Softtek implemented its proprietary enterprise IoT solution, blauLabs, and performed the instrumentation, physical installation, and hardware configuration in all 26 of the client’s data centers throughout Mexico to enable multiplatform and multiprotocol connectivity.

Implemented a SCADA view module and alert system to enable remote asset monitoring and programming, reducing manual tasks.

Enabled dashboards for real-time KPI visualization and a customized report builder.

Integrated a change capacity simulator for data centers, reducing planning time for new projects.

24/7 support

Business impact

With all recently acquired datacenters under the same IoT monitoring umbrella, our client perceived M&A efficiencies earlier, held all datacenters to the same operating standards, and reduced application services costs.

80%+ reduction in labor costs associated with equipment monitoring.

50%+ reduction in preventative maintenance costs.

50%+ reduction in insurance and bonds associated with asset management.

30%+ productivity increase through manual task reduction.

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