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Artificial Intelligence boosts the leisure industry

Artificial Intelligence drives growth in the leisure industry.

2 september, 2019. – Artificial Intelligence (AI) has had a radical impact on many areas and sectors of the market. According to Vector ITC, a Spanish technological and digital group, one of the industries that has received the arrival of AI with the greatest interest is the leisure industry. From the choice of experiences and shows, through the creation of video games that emulate increasingly real contexts, to the implementation of other activities increasingly immersive in the entertainment industry.

The advance of digitalisation makes it possible to optimise the services that entertainment companies offer and to bring them closer to the customer. The volume of data produced by users, if analyzed correctly, can give valuable information about their behavior, which can be analyzed and used in order to provide increasingly personal and specific experiences.

In this sense, Artificial Intelligence can become the real differential for companies in the leisure and entertainment sector. Thanks to AI, they can anticipate trends to optimize supply, understand customer demands in real time and offer services through new channels, based on prior analysis of users’ purchasing behavior and their assessment of the experience.

In addition, through the use of algorithms, companies can predict the behaviour of each type of user when they carry out any type of activity and consume content through different platforms. These algorithms learn from each behavior and offer very important information for companies when planning their strategy to promote and sell products or services. One of the most iconic cases is the algorithm used by Netflix to recommend content to customers, based on their tastes, preferences and content previously seen.

An example of the application of Artificial Intelligence in the leisure industry has been in adventure tourism, where the offer must be adequate and specific to the type of experience that the client wishes to have. Through different data such as the last destinations you have visited and the activities you want to do, it is possible to offer the perfect package in the ideal destination. In this sense, another tool in which Artificial Intelligence has had a great impact is the use of chatbots. This type of tool allows to radically improve the customer service experience in real time.

On the other hand, the videogame industry has been another space where Artificial Intelligence is changing the way to play and enjoy each of the titles. The studios and companies in this sector take this technology into account in order to know the performance of their products and how they are doing in the market. This point is fundamental to determine which trends or game modes are preferred by the audience and which combinations will be necessary to create more immersive and unforgettable games and experiences. In addition, the arrival of accessories such as virtual reality glasses are making the user’s immersion is increasing, providing unparalleled experiences.

Artificial Intelligence has had a radical impact on the leisure and entertainment sector. The way we consume content and search for activities has evolved very dynamically and companies must be up to date to offer more personalized experiences. All the information provided by consumers allows companies to better understand each audience and what type of product, service or content they demand,” says Rafael Conde del Pozo, Director of Digital & Innovation at Vector ITC.

Vector ITC has integral technological solutions for the companies of the leisure and entertainment sector that guarantee an integral orientation in all the phases of the experience of the users. In addition, it has a great track record in the application of Artificial Intelligence technologies, which is essential to analyze the user in order to ensure unique experiences and increasingly adapted to what each audience demands.

Karen Liedl
Softtek PR
+1 763-291-1464