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Softtek Launches Guest Engagement in Restaurants

Elevate restaurant experiences with Softtek's Guest Engagement Solution. Discover how we enhance customer interactions and streamline operations.

DALLAS, TX – July 9, 2018 Softtek, a leading global IT services provider dedicated to creating value through technology, today announced the launch of Softtek Guest Engagement Solution, a cloud-based omnichannel application aimed at increasing restaurant efficiency and improving the dining experience.

By enabling real-time ordering, updating and payment via mobile devices, Softtek Guest Engagement Solution redefines the dining experience. In addition, by integrating point of sale (POS) data with back office data systems, the solution helps restaurants gain customer insight and improve operational efficiency.

“The Softtek Guest Engagement Solution allows a customer to use his or her mobile phone to order ahead before arriving at a restaurant, add to their order while at the restaurant and then pay the check when they’re done,” said Robert Whitehead, Director of Hospitality and Retail Technology at Softtek US and Canada. “By streamlining the transactional components of ordering and paying for meals, the solution simplifies the logistics of restaurant dining, without compromising the value-added human interaction of the dining experience.”

The mobile application digitizes restaurant activities such as placing drink orders and waiting for menus, checks and receipts – activities that cumulatively can take up to 20 minutes.  By automating these interactions and reducing table time, Softtek’s Guest Engagement Solution makes dining out more feasible for time-strapped customers.  Restaurants, meanwhile, can significantly increase table turnover during peak periods. At the same time, while the tool increases waitstaff productivity, servers can still engage with customers to offer suggestions, describe daily specials and upsell premium items.

Traditional POS systems are confined to managing the data transaction that occurs inside a restaurant when an order is placed, filled and paid for. Softtek’s solution integrates POS data with existing data on customer preferences and buying habits, allowing restaurants to gain critical insight into how to deliver a unique dining experience.

The Softtek solution also features an omnichannel design that leverages cloud and mobile technology to collect, aggregate and analyze POS transaction data with back office data on customers, inventory and supplies. This helps restaurants gain visibility into the supply chain, optimize order fulfillment and management of perishable supplies and tailor marketing and promotions initiatives to customer preferences.

“The Softtek Guest Engagement Solution model can help fast casual restaurants leverage technology to satisfy customers and compete more effectively in today’s demanding environment,” said Whitehead. “The platform’s unique approach to automation makes eating out more enjoyable for customers and more efficient and profitable for restaurants.”

For more information, read the Softtek white paper: Redefining the Dining Experience at the Point of Sale: Leveraging Cloud and Mobile Solutions for Efficiency and Insight

About Softtek
Founded in 1982, Softtek is a global company helping organizations bridge the digital gap. With presence in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia, Softtek provides Global 2000 organizations with technology solutions that create value through technology. Visit www.softtek.com, follow @Softtek, connect with Softtek on LinkedIn and read Softtek’s blog