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Powering uninterrupted OTT streaming with Softtek’s QA and validation services

Agile Portfolio Evolution


About the customer

Our client is the Latin American division of a prominent streaming and broadcasting service company, catering to the diverse preferences of the local audiences with a rich library of original and licensed shows, movies, and documentaries.

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10M+ subscribers

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50+ affiliate partners

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10+ media channels and platforms


Business challenges

As our client released one of its hit television series in Latin America, the surge in viewership surpassed its technology systems’ capacity, resulting in widespread issues on the streaming platform. Subscribers throughout the region reported problems such as error pages, login failures, loading screens freezing, and frequent stream interruptions. To ensure uninterrupted revenue flow from the popular show and to prevent future occurrences, the client sought a partner who could:


Provide rapid performance testing to ensure the availability of the hit show.


Identify issues affecting key streaming user touchpoints, including login, authentication, and content loading and viewing.


Deliver an ongoing QA and validation service that could scale with its weekly backlogs.


Reduce the operating cost of the technological elements in scope.


How Softtek comes into play

Softtek, with its TMMi L5 certification and strong capabilities throughout the Americas, was the ideal choice to elevate the client’s QA and validation process and ensure a top-notch streaming experience. Collaborating closely with the client, Softtek defined the service performance indicators expected by users, executed testing suites based on weekly backlogs defined by the client, and presented findings.

Flexible, technology agnostic service: Utilized the testing tools recently invested in by the customer, supporting their ROI and leveraging existing resources.

Comprehensive scope: Analyzed, designed, automated, and implemented test cases, covering up to 90% of the customer’s streaming platform.

Value-added insights: Provided additional findings from data analysis during the testing process, going beyond the required deliverables.

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Business impact

Softtek’s QA and validation services, which included automation testing and performance testing, provided the client with the capacity, expertise, and flexibility required to maintain the client’s reputation as a reliable and trustable streaming platform and provide an excellent streaming user experience.


Zero significant outages since the start of Softtek’s services.

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Sustained a 60% growth in end users in two years with zero impact to performance.


Reduced operating cost.

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