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65% increase in dealership productivity for a Premium Car Manufacturer through Softtek's Digital Platform Solutions

Softtek enables dealership—manufacturer communication to streamline operations through a secure digital platform.

About the customer

Leading premium car and motorcycle manufacturer.

plants around the world

Presence in 5 continents

2 million+
vehicles manufactured yearly


Business challenges

Unstable communication between key business process players negatively impacted order processing at plants, marketing strategy efficiency, and sales.


Profitability eroded due to order processing errors.


Information inaccuracy impacted marketing strategies.


Key business indicators unmonitored.


New vehicle delivery delays impacting margin and customer satisfaction.


Lack of control over dealerships’ credit lines.

How Softtek comes into play

Softtek implemented a versatile, secure digital kiosk solution that adapted to individual dealership needs in order to streamline the car service process and enhance customer experience.

Assess business and manufacturing processes, as well as the application and technological landscape to identify principal challenges and needs.

Identify improvement opportunities within business processes and business area interactions.

Design new architecture and application solutions to fulfill dealer's needs, and enable monitoring of key business indicators.

Develop a new digital portal with required functionalities to support enchanced business processes.

Deploy the solution. providing training and support across dealerships to accelerate its adoption.

Group 385

Business impact

By implementing a reliable digital portal solution Softtek helped increase dealership productivity, reduce processing errors, protect marketing campaign information, and improve sales.


Dealerships' support productivity increased 65%


Car configuration requirement errors reduced by 99%


Control over Dealership Lines of Credit

8 months

ROI of the solution expected within 8 months

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