Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility


For Softtek, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a process of value creation in which Softtek continually strives for an optimum balance between people, planet and profit. This means that not only the impact on profit counts in all our business decisions, but that the consequences for people inside and outside the company and the environment also play a serious role. The involvement and interests of employees, community, customers, suppliers, non-governmental organizations and all of our stakeholders is highly valued.

Our principles are included in, among others, the ISO 26000 guidance and the ILO (International LaborOrganization) standards. Knowledge sharing and collaboration among companies and with social organizations and other stakeholders, is of great importance for CSR in order to make further progress.

For Softtek CSR is always evolving.



General and sustainable development

Softtek establishes growth, geographical and offering expansion annual goals according to its current resources.

Softtek promotes the talent attraction, talent development and talent engagement.

Softtek contributes to the quality of life of its associates.

Softtek cooperates to generate welfare circles in every location with which it is connected.

When buying products and services, Softtek pays close attention to the social and environmental aspects that play an important role in their production, transport and use, and makes relevant agreements with suppliers and customers.

Softtek would also like to contribute to the sustainable development of the environment in which we operate. We will thereby invest in local businesses and the people who live and work in the area.

We respect and comply with laws in every location where we operate.


Human Rights

As Softtek, we will only undertake activities that take into account the applicable human rights. This is in accordance with international obligations and laws applicable in every country in where we operate.


Provision of information

Softtek periodically formulates new CSR goals, gives honest and clear information about the progress and is prepared to hold consultations with stakeholders.

Softtek is characterized by openness. We enjoy telling our people which direction we have chosen, thereby creating space for recommendations. We are convinced that only then can support and mutual involvement occur, so that by joining forces we can achieve our objectives.

Active and open communication and reliable information, made available to you regularly and in a timely manner. Softtek believes it is important to inform all our stakeholders as fully as possible of all possible facets of our activities.

Business transparency. That is the core concept at Softtek. We hereby want to make clear that we have an active information policy towards our clients and quickly meet all information needs, but also expect this in return. In this way we lay the basis for effective cooperation based on 100% trust.


Working conditions

Softtek promotes the vitality, employability and development of its people.

Softtek is committed to diversity of gender, origin, culture and age in its workforce.

Associates' safety is always paramount with us. This is why Softtek always strives for optimal security conditions, and we also examine the workplace environment closely.

We take our personnel seriously. This includes proper consultation on employment conditions. This means for example that we offer personnel officers the facilities to do perform tasks as well as possible. By way of an open attitude and clear communication, we try to provide a complete picture of what is going on in the company.

We have a solid Talent Engagement Area, which focuses in define and implement a whole process of Development, Evaluation and Promoting opportunities for every associate.


The Environment

Softtek is committed to minimizing its environmental footprint. We do this by reducing environmental damage, energy use and CO2 emissions as much as possible, and where possible, by employing clean production.

As Softtek, we strive for a better environment for the present and the future. We do this by continuously applying the most environmentally friendly technologies, by providing environmentally conscious products and services and recycling where possible, all according to the highest standards.

As Softtek we do everything we can to prevent damage, in whatever form. We apply the local, regional and world standards in the area of the environment, health and safety. Softtek also applies tested contingency plans. This ensures the timely arrival of police, fire brigade and ambulance to the right places.


Counter Corruption

Integrity is a high priority for Softtek. We therefore keep a close eye on all sections of our company to ensure that no corruption, in whatever form, can take place. A number of control mechanisms have for example been built into our tax and financial administration. Our employees are also aware of the company policy.

Softtek wants to do business, but not at any price. In line with the OECD guidelines, we fully reject corruption in any form. All our employees are aware of this company policy and receive instructions about how they should do business honestly.

Softtek has a code of ethics and conduct, which is a guide of our professional conduct of an integral, transparent, honest and responsible manner. Our canons of action form an essential part of our code.


Consumer interests

Softtek considers the customer as a business partner. We are committed to providing the best possible service to the customers of our products. We deal with complaints quickly and kindly, free of charge and without any complicated procedures.

The satisfaction of our customers comes first. Softtek strives to offer world class services and products. We do so by applying modern technologies and methodologies, and the continuous monitoring of our business processes, all according to the highest standards.

The privacy of our customers is guaranteed at Softtek. All information provided to us is strictly confidential. Our client administration is organized in such a way that data cannot fall into the hands of others.


Science and Technology

Softtek is constantly looking for new opportunities in the field of sustainable products and services.

Softtek is open to cooperation and partnership and is willing to actively share knowledge and experiences.

We take the needs of the local market into account in the scientific and technological activities of Softtek. This means that we prefer recruiting staff in the vicinity of our office. We provide training.

As Softtek, we take into account the already existing plans in every location in where we operate and the policies for scientific and technological developments. We are fully committed to contributing to the development of knowledge in this country.


Fair competition

Company policy at Softtek is that the "free market" only works if there is fair competition. In procurement, we look exclusively at our own position, without regard to other purchasers. We respect the applicable competition laws and will work closely with the authorities in this area.



As Softtek, we respect the tax rules in the countries where we operate. We thereby endorse the recommendations of the OECD. That means in any case that our company will always pay taxes on time. All possible information that you need for proper taxation will be made available as soon as possible.