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Managed Agile team automates prescription lens orders for department store chain, boosts CSAT

Agile Portfolio Evolution | NextGen IT Operations


About the customer

Our client is one of Mexico’s leading department store chains.

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50+ years in the market

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Hundreds of physical stores and a successful eCommerce operation

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Wide range of products including clothing, shoes, electronics, furniture, and store credit services


Business challenges

Our client had a slow process of delivering eyeglasses to customers and had the goal to fully automate the process for the sale of eyeglasses. The client was using two systems—its internal systems and supplier systems—which was only allowing for partial automation of the process and caused delays in delivering prescription lenses to customers.


Automate the entire order fulfillment process for prescription lenses (order, purchase order generation, procurement, and scheduling the delivery).


Improve customer satisfaction with a speedier order-to-delivery process.


Reduce operational costs and increase profitability through order fulfillment efficiencies.


How Softtek comes into play

Due to the flexibility demonstrated during a prior software QA project and deep understanding of the client’s business, Softtek was asked to fully automate the process. Over the course of a year and a half, development teams were implemented to create a platform that connected the client’s internal systems with suppliers. These teams were fully managed by Softtek, allowing the client to focus on its core business while ensuring that the development process was efficient and effective.

Managed team model.

Hybrid methodology (Agile and waterfall) for the right mix of collaboration, control, and speed.

Technologies utilized: .NET, MySQL, SQL Server.

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Business impact

The client benefitted from an on-time deployment of the platform, including integrations and automation, allowing it to deliver prescription lenses faster to customers and improve customer satisfaction.


Positioned its optical department as one of the top digital market shares in Mexico.


Benefitted prescription lens suppliers with a more transparent order management process.


Achieved a stable cost-to-income ratio post-implementation.

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