Healthcare provider enables digital channels in record time during Covid-19 pandemic

About the customer

A leading private healthcare provider in Argentina focused on healthcare innovation.

250K+ clients

10,000+ healthcare professionals

8 private hospitals and long-term care facilities

Business challenges

To continue safely serving patients during the pandemic, our client had to activate digital channels rapidly. Its goal was to have a mobile application that incorporated its full range of health services and offered a streamlined patient experience.


Improve digital patient access to information and services.


Enhance digital capabilities to improve its brand image and compete with local providers.


Traditional development methodologies delaying time to value.


Legacy technology impacting project execution.

How Softtek comes into play

Softtek implemented Agile frameworks using fully remote teams to develop the healthcare application in three months while mitigating the operational risk associated with an accelerated release. Softtek also identified and developed the application’s key features through patient input and market analysis, ensuring a positive patient experience from launch.

Added medical services search functionality by location and availability.

Enabled digital ID card processing.

Built a digital directory of health professionals and services.

Enabled channels to provide online medical services and virtual care.

Added patient prioritization and pre-admission functionalities.

Business impact

Through Softtek's application development services, our client enabled new digital channels in record time to provide valuable and reliable health services and experiences to patients when they needed it most. Further, these services continue to provide value to our client in the digital-first, post-pandemic healthcare market.

24/7 service capacity with touchless, real-time features for booking and check-in as well as virtual care options.

Enabled behavioral analytics to improve patient experience and business decisions.

Increased patient satisfaction and loyalty.

Elevated our client’s brand with modern and patient-centric digital capabilities to compete in a crowded market.

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