Digitalized recruitment strategy increases hiring efficiency by 70% for multinational pizza chain


About the customer

European multi-brand pizza delivery chain.

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45K employees

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2,600+ stores in 40 markets around the world

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34 established pizza brands

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100K+ hires per year


Business challenges

Our client spent an average of 4 hours qualifying and interviewing each applicant for a position. Receiving more than 2 million resumes per year, the company needed to implement a modern recruitment strategy to replace its outdated technology to increase hiring efficiency and improve attraction and attrition metrics.


Delays caused by manual hiring processes.


150% staff rotation rate from lack of internal offerings.


Complex website, mobile presence, and job page.


Large employee headcount handled by an outdated payroll system and process.


How Softtek comes into play

Softtek was engaged to build an agile hiring tool and integrate it with an industry-leading HR software, Meta4, to enable a powerful toolset for potential and current employees as well as HR. The multi-touchpoint digital channel would help the company attract new talent, fill roles faster, increase retention, and automate recruitment and onboarding processes.

Provided build and run services for the applications in scope, including managing the Meta4 HR software.

Implemented a chatbot to perform the initial applicant review process and form digitalization services for streamlined digital document signing.

Developed a mobile application to deliver onboarding, training, and HR communications on a quality user interface.

Modernized the payroll system.

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Business impact

With Softtek’s integration, modernization, and development services, our client achieved on time, on quality, and on budget tools to significantly reduce talent acquisition costs and accelerate multiple HR processes from hours to seconds.

70% increase in hiring process capacity from digitalizing and automating recruitment processes.

50% reduction in the time to fill open roles.

25% reduction to OpEx for processes in scope.

Managed 23K+ payrolls for franchises.

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