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Cultivating productive and sustainable agribusiness

Automation is making the industry safer and less labor-intensive. Precision agriculture techniques are optimizing resource consumption. Platforms are turning farms into enterprises. We help you put technology to work in the field and in the office.

The search for technology-enabled agribusiness is over

We help you discover, implement, build, and manage technology solutions for industry-specific situations requiring both online and offline tools. Promote integration throughout the production chain while prioritizing cloud adoption, automation, analytics, and security.

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Seamlessly exchange information with production chain integration
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Get the most out of your ERP to accelerate the entire value chain
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Enhance field work with online and offline tools
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Ensure peak performance of your machinery and infrastructure through IoT and mobile tools
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Eliminate tedious tasks and focus on high-value work with the help of automation
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Analyze data from multiple sources and make agile decisions using advanced analytics tools


The agriculture industry is being aided by significant advancements in technology. Now, businesses must carefully select and implement solutions that:

Enable sustainable and efficient production.


Solve connectivity problems in the field.


Improve the traceability of raw materials and finished goods.


Integrate with producers, suppliers, and customers.


Analyze and manage data remotely and in real time.


Evolve ERP platforms and industry solutions.


Our services and solutions

Softtek has a wide spectrum of services and specialized solutions, supported by teams with extensive knowledge of the industry:
Remote & Field Workforce
Despite inconsistent connectivity and remote operations, information must flow. Softtek helps you quickly and safely enable your employees to work on the go or in the field. Gain secure access to your equipment, applications, and data remotely to maximize business performance and productivity.
Business Platform Integration
Integrate data sources from any platform, tool, and application to optimize decision making. Softtek has an extensive background in SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) and integrating applications, analytics, and databases in hybrid and cloud environments.
blauLabs & IoT
Our proven enterprise IoT platform, blauLabs, seamlessly integrates into your technology ecosystem, processes large amounts of data in a cloud environment, and enables advanced visualization and analytics.Monitor and optimize plant assets and integrate different utility providers to find correlations that lead to big savings.
AMS SAP for Agribusiness
SAP Application Management Services (AMS) are processes and methodologies for the maintenance, support (functional and technical), and optimization of SAP environments.Guarantee the 24/7 performance and stability of systems supporting the entire production chain.
SAP S/4HANA Evolution services
Maximize the value of your data, innovate with purpose, improve time to market, and speed up the integration of new technologies with SAP S/4HANA. Our proven methodology and strong capabilities ensure a quick and secure implementation or migration to the new platform, helping you seamlessly transition to the digital age.
RPA for Agribusiness
Our cognitive automation platform, FRIDA™, and expertise in major automation platforms, accelerates the deployment of bots that handle manual tasks, interact with humans, and help your team focus on value-added tasks.
Advanced Business Analytics
Our predictive analytics, big data, and data management techniques provide reliable insights to help your business thrive in today’s disruptive markets. And as we continue to refine our enterprise data platforms, you can trust that our tools will only become more accurate as you work toward full AI adoption.
Business sustainability
Improve decision making for environmental, economic, and social impact with our custom tools and application development services. From different sources of information to intelligent technologies, we can help you optimize the sustainability of your business.