LATAM revenue service agency exceeds annual revenue goal by US $3B with agile development

About the customer

One of the largest revenue service agencies in Latin America.

2.5M+ users

100M+ annual invoices

4.5M+ tax forms processed yearly

US $3B+ in taxes collected annually

Business challenges

Our client sought to develop new systems to increase taxpayer participation and improve and automate the tax collection process.


Increase total yearly tax revenue.


Improve the taxpayer experience with self-service and assistance functionality.


Withstand interaction peaks (90% of all tax declarations happen within 10 days).

How Softtek comes into play

Due to constantly changing fiscal rules and critical time windows, the best course of action was an incremental build model to allow new systems and enhancements to be designed, tested, implemented, and maintained each year. With end-to-end and Agile capabilities, Softtek was chosen to provide the conceptualization, implementation, and continuous improvement of a multiyear, large-scale application development and maintenance contract. Notable actions included:

Incremental data model implementation: multi-channel single view of taxpayer status.

Risk analysis model: self-service tax declarations only available to reliable taxpayers and businesses.

Incremental platform developments: portal, payment system, fiscal rules engine.

Agile development and managed services delivery model, allowing new fiscal rules to be implemented in 2-3 months.

Business impact

Our client increased taxpayer enrollment and total tax revenue by helping citizens pay taxes more easily and receive their returns automatically thanks to incremental UX and platform development and optimization.

Exceeded tax revenue goal by US $3B+ during a 4-year period.

Supported a 20% increase in total taxpayers during a 4-year period.

75% positive feedback on social networks, mostly related to self-service functionality.

Reduced fraud in deductible expenses and over-declaration.

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