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Engineer your digital business success on a reliable application foundation

Business requirements change quickly and unpredictably. The best place to be is one step ahead— a more flexible and adaptable software portfolio to turn challenges and new opportunities into new digital business.

Digital Business is largely about making applications do what your clients want at scale, before anyone else

On the journey towards enterprise transformation, nothing matters more than your applications being able to deliver on your company's digital ambitions. Applications working together connect your teams, partners, customers and supply chain. But rapid innovation means business requirements change quickly and unpredictably so a flexible and adaptable software portfolio is required to turn challenges and new opportunities into new digital business.

Softtek helps organizations align their application portfolio with complex and evolving business strategies— from a flexible digital architecture, to agile development at enterprise-scale, to DevOps and SRE practices that can reliably scale to support complex operational and technology workloads that rival those of massive digital enterprises. And that’s why Softtek was founded and what we do every day: evolve our clients' digital assets faster and safely, towards digital business success.

Born to challenge the state of software engineering, we master complex and sophisticated backends, while building new customer-centric experiences and software products to increase customer preference, lower operational costs and de-risk complex operations.

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Over 10,000 software engineers across convenient locations
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Robust, agile engineering practices and certified SAFe leaders
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Advanced network of over 20 CoEs specialized in core aspects of modern software foundation, including DevOps CoE, API & ms, CX, AI and Cognitive, Quality Engineering and Cloud
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Softtek Open Labs model cuts ideation and pilot phases by 90%
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Experts in modernizing complex legacy environments
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Augmented by over 800 IP assets to automate, accelerate and integrate efforts
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Industry specific accelerators to expedite time to business results

Core Platform services

We combine the power of the leading platforms and ecosystems –SAP, Microsoft, Salesforce and ServiceNow, among others- with our services to create a scalable and solid digital foundation that drives new business models and smarter operations to win share in the digital economy.
We accelerate digital transformation using Microsoft platforms and technologies, including Azure, CRM, BI, development environments and Office 365, in order to gain competitive advantages, open new lines of business and prepare you for what comes next.
Softtek’s SAP practice helps enterprises maximize their ERP investments for the digital economy. By implementing or optimizing SAP platforms to reduce costs, elegantly integrate with customer-facing systems and drive digital acceleration, we prepare you for the future.
Softtek provides end-to-end ServiceNow services and solutions, from consulting, implementation and development, to full Intelligent IT operation transformations.

ServiceNow gives us the power to create intuitive, self-service experiences that gives customers what they want at lower costs.
With our hundreds of Salesforce engineers, we provide a range of services to accelerate sales, increase revenue and get the most out of the most powerful CRM platform in the world. End-to-end services include implementation, customization, app dev, integration and support.

Core Application services and practices

We offer services that range from consulting engagements, to software development, modernization, quality engineering and integrated DevSecOps approaches.

Agile Transformation
Execute large-scale mission-critical application development programs, applying lean & agile best-practices, leveraging DevSecOps, Agile TSP, low-code, nocode and automated code generators. Make continuous delivery of high-quality application features into complex technological landscape easy and riskless.
Implement “Continuous Everything” processes through automation software configuration management, regression testing, cloud and software-defined environments, and beat competitors to market with killer features, build on a rock solid foundation.
Application Modernization
Instead of ditching valuable assets and slowing down transformation, we repurpose legacy applications using modern architectural patterns and platforms, mitigate technology obsolescence risks, improve usability, security and maintainability. Our approach takes the best of your assets, and makes run flawless as a component of a modern digital foundation.
Digital Architecture
Assess current technology architecture gaps and chart a path towards a modern foundation to fuel digital business growth. Key gaps may relate to digital security, mobile platforms, microservice containers, non-relational database systems, integration platforms (ESP, API Gateway), cloud services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), data analytics platforms, cognitive engines, IoT platforms or blockchain platforms.
Software Development
We work with Product Owners directing ambitious roadmaps on tight budgets. With over 10,000 software engineers and expertise across platforms, our product-centric approach, solution accelerators, automation platforms and low code-no code expertise allows us to reconcile time-to-market requirements, budget constraints and strict quality goals.
Quality Engineering
We maximize application stability in production environments while optimizing testing cycle-time and cost, satisfying acceptance criteria, and including unit, functional, system integration, performance, security, and user acceptance tests. Smart Automation breath covers mobile, web, APIs & services, COTS product extensions, digital, cloud and IoT.
Application Development
As the pioneer and largest provider of Nearshore development services, we build next generation applications using agile and DevOps, maximizing Onshore and Nearshore delivery to speed up roadmaps, team engagement and productivity goals.
Application Management
Gain real-time visibility and make faster business decisions with the power of Business-driven AMS. Identify applications and infrastructure associated with KPI's to help run business operations, and link every operational task to the success of everyday digital and physical operations.
Application Cyber-Security
Integrate a solid security foundation and security practices, ensuring secure code, secure infrastructure and secure releases and a secure remote workforce. Our service integrates into true DevSecOps models and constantly augment to address new risk vectors, like Ransomware and other emerging threats.

What’s behind our Application Services?

Softtek is the leading provider of applications services from onshore and nearshore locations. We pioneered and proved the value of distributed agile, interactive design, with a focus on sound engineering practices. Solid automation and DevOps practices, and an evolved understanding of how to modernize and access complex legacy environments allow our clients to thrive in the digital era. Our agile practices, CoE network, global delivery capabilities and industry specializations allows organizations to drive digital business at a faster pace, with lowered risks and higher team productivity.

Global Nearshore™
CoEs & Digital
Platform Expertise
Repeatable Success

Allows us to work seamlessly with the clients in the same time zone, and makes us a preferred employment choice for top talent seeking normal work hours -- something that maximizes our engineers’ productivity, engagement and results orientation.

Our Automation-First culture is central to our people’s behaviors. In addition to using third party low-code, automation platforms and solutions accelerators, we have created our own tools (Frida for example) that allow us to automate as much as possible as well as engineer code that is always inherently reliable, scalable and secure.

With one of the most comprehensive Six Sigma programs spanning all roles, our teams continuously seek efficiency and quality optimization. Our software engineers are empowered by Softtek’s portfolio of quality management tools and process improvement programs. Our inclusion of SRE principles, DevOps reference implementations, and the right tools and solutions, means our service performance and SLAs are designed to improve and evolve on a day to day basis.

Our expert teams and underlying CoEs are led by senior SMEs. They continuously research and update our software development practices, methods and accelerators, collaborating with development and program leaders.

  • Digital Innovation Labs
  • Automation CoE
  • Analytics & Data Science CoE
  • API & Microservices CoE
  • Architecture & BPM CoE
  • Project Management CoE
  • Enterprise IoT CoE
  • Enterprise Agile CoE
  • DevOps & SRE CoE
  • Quality Engineering CoE
  • Cloud CoE
  • Digital Governance CoE
  • Cyber Security CoE

Softtek has over 15,000 technology experts and strategic development programs for the leading core platforms. We are technology experts in both digital platforms as well as complex legacy environments.

  • SAP
  • Microsoft
  • ServiceNow
  • SalesForce
  • MS Azure
  • AWS
  • Google Cloud
  • Altlassian
  • RSA
  • JDA BlueYonder

We also believe in process excellence, and align our service with industry best practices, including Cobit, TMMi, ITIL and SAFe. However, the key lies in how to adopt these best practices into agile environments. All methods and practices are tailored to deliver reliable outcomes under flexible, agile core principles.