Unleash your team’s potential with Atlassian + Softtek

Achieve your modernization goals via centralized operations and digital team management strategies using Softtek's Atlassian platform services.

From Agile to DevOps on a solid foundation

As an Atlassian Gold Partner and major provider of digital modernization and transformation strategies with hundreds of successful enterprise transformation implementations to date, we have pioneered process-oriented digital strategies partnering with Atlassian to fully digitize business and IT operations for agile and lean digital enterprises.

We are more than an implementer; we combine process consulting with technology to build high-impact solutions for our clients
Global market knowledge with more than 100 implementation and service provision projects
Agility & proximity with highly trained professionals with technical certifications and accreditations
Nearshore operating cost is highly competitive
Continuous Everything and DevOps CoE*


For Software Engineering Teams

Unleash your team’s potential with Atlassian + Softtek

Industrial companies need to work on a short and long-term agenda as the current crisis unfolds, focusing on quick decision making and swift execution. Some short-term challenges and mandates include:


Discovery, readiness, and assessments
Agile Transformation
Adoption, implementation, training, and support
DevOps Enablement
Strategy, implementation, training and support
Implementation & Integration
The full range of Atlassian products
Cloud Migration
Consulting, strategy, and execution
Software Product Engineering
Complement your engineering team with our nearshore pods
Reporting & Data Management
Improve the performance of the team with visual data in real time

For ITSM Teams

Resolve incidents faster with advanced automation, AI and streamlined workflows

Meet your unique ITSM needs to support your business teams, IT Ops, or empower your Dev team. We help you with process analysis, identifying areas of opportunity, and integration or technical implementation of Jira Service Management products.


Discovery & Assessment
Understanding the current state to design the optimum solution and strategy to achieve your goals
IT Infrastructure Management
Support for all hardware, on premise and cloud based
Service Desk
IT Operations Management 24/7 L1/2/3 Support
Implementation & Integration
Configurations, migrations and customizations
Architecture & Service Design
Architecture & service design for Enterprise Agility & IT Operations solutions
Digital Workplace & Collaboration
Empowering businesses to scale by transforming the workplace experience with next generation collaboration tools
Platform Management & Support
From simple 24/7 support to fully managed services
Reporting & Data Management
Improve team performance with real time visualizations
Business process automation
From simple 24/7 support to fully managed services
Intelligent IT Operations
Comprehensive strategy to shift left towards Next Gen ops

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Digital Commerce Radar

June 2020 edition

We regularly update our commerce radar, a simple list of established and up and coming platforms and options for Digital Commerce, to keep track of the evolving landscape. It can be useful to identify new technologies, platforms, functionality and trends by following what’s new and what’s working.

While we mostly use this radar for ourselves, we’ve had been asked to share a few times and decided to make it available for anyone interested.


Let me know when this is updated