QA partnership helps regional bank reposition as digital champion

About the customer

A major regional American bank that provides a broad range of consumer and commercial banking products and solutions.

US 35B+ total assets

1,500+ employees

63 branches

"We obtained those five core resources that I’m excited to say are still with us today. No one knows they are contractors. We are software quality assurance, powered by Softtek."

VP, Software Quality Assurance

Business challenges

Our client was going through a significant digital transformation effort across several of its core consumer and corporate facing business platforms; however, it quickly became clear that the demand for testing activities was greater than the capacity at hand. When the area in charge of digital banking began requesting testing services, our client chose to engage with an external partner to evolve its QA function for those projects.


Engage an external partner to support the QA function for its digital banking (mobile and web) projects.


Apply shift-left and DevOps principles to meet time to market demands with QA ingrained at every step.


Meet rapidly evolving regulatory, compliance, and audit requirements.


Identify defects before customers do.

How Softtek comes into play

Softtek committed to the success of the client’s digital banking projects via a multi-year contract, and in true partner fashion, taking a tool agnostic approach and executing as an extension of its SQA organization. Softtek provided:

Mature PMO function to size all projects according to their QA requirements.

Mature Next-gen QA with Agile and DevOps at the core to pivot quickly according to business, regulatory, and audit requirements.

Automated 87% of test cases.

Performance testing and continuous validation.

Business impact

By the time the various projects got to user acceptance testing, our client’s defect leakage metrics were well within the acceptable ranges, significantly improving its end user experience and enabling it to capture a new market segment within digital banking.

Zero defects in production (severity 1 and 2).

Surpassed the promise of 65% test case automation, reaching 87%

Supported early automation and shift-left adoption.

Helped the bank reposition as a digital champion.

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