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As a Blue Yonder gold partner, Softtek helps clients across industries accelerate the digitalization of the supply chain. We enable solutions based on industry 4.0 technologies to build a modern, flexible, and responsive chain ready to face an endless supply of disruption.

We’re partners with the world’s #1 supply chain platform

The most fluid and robust supply chains are powered by integrated platforms able to leverage all available data in real time. From CIOs and CTOs to transport, warehouse, and distribution center management, an end-to-end digital supply chain platform upgrades decision making and operations.

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Blue Yonder is praised by leading advisory groups and trusted by top companies around the world to stay ahead of the market and fulfill a promise to deliver
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Luminate™, built on Microsoft Azure, powers Blue Yonder’s entire suite of solutions to address the day-to-day operations and strategic vision of the supply chain
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Softtek believes in the power of platforms. As a consulting, implementation, and digital transformation partner, we joined Blue Yonder’s partner network to help clients future proof the supply chain
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Softtek can manage and host all Blue Yonder solutions on Microsoft Azure, or support licensing and on-premises installment

Service offering

Warehouse Management System (WMS)
The legacy warehouse environment is going digital. With the Luminate™ based WMS, supply chain executives and warehouse managers get powerful task management, resource orchestration, and shipment processing tools to control the flow and tracking of products and resources in real time. Connect it with supplier and transportation management systems to easily manage connected processes.
Transportation Management System (TMS)
Transportation executives and planners need a connected network to truly impact customer service quality. TMS integrates seamlessly with supplier and carrier tools and leverages AI-assisted network evaluation, inbound and outbound management, and advanced routing tools built on Luminate™ to give you the visibility required to manage all transportation resources and costs.
Demand Planning and Fulfillment
A robust demand planning operation needs integrated business systems and must ingest countless demand-driving factors. More accurate forecasts lead to more ready-to-go inventory to speedily fulfill orders and drive customer service quality.

Blue Yonder’s end-to-end solutions and microservices leverage AI and ML to directly impact the work of demand planners and fulfillment managers while helping executives enable greater orchestration across the business.
Category Management
Retail operations must effectively manage store layouts to achieve more sales opportunities, handle demand fluctuations, and optimize the use of space. Category management is Blue Yonder’s award-winning suite of solutions that help teams at the store and corporate level create and manage successful merchandising strategies.

Demand Planning and Fulfillment


Machine learning-based forecasting

Leverage ML and automation to process hundreds of internal and external demand-driving signals and billions of data points for a thorough, workflow-driven demand planning and forecasting.



See a range of possible demand forecasts, the probabilities of each, and what factors are considered.



Automatically calculates the business impacts and implied risks of each forecast, aiding disruption predictions and risk awareness.



Easily report predictions and actual results to boost organizational learning and retrospectives.


What can we achieve?

Reduced out-of-stock rate
Forecast accuracy levels
Reduced waste

Warehouse Management System


Real-time inbound and outbound processing

Monitor processes from the supply network to the warehouse in real-time for total shipment processing visibility.


Resource management

Track and manage labor and scheduling, autonomous mobile robots, and automation to drive fulfillment efficiency at the warehouse.


Warehouse route optimization

Enable smart routes that optimize the time window between point of sales inquiry and picking.


Intuitive and adaptable user experience

Users have greater flexibility, the ability to receive real-time responses, and easily manage warehouse operations.


What can we achieve?

Warehouse cost reduction
Inventory accuracy and visibility
Increase in warehouse performance

Transportation Management System


Planning from start to finish

Plan and optimize entry and exit processes at the regional and global levels, with integrated fleet planning and carriers for greater efficiency.


Transport model

Tactical model and business integration analysis to enable evaluation network performance and cost control.


Transportation execution

Automated transportation execution brings real time distribution network visibility and improves the reach of service levels and inventory knowledge across the supply chain.


Interactive workflows

Interactive planning and efficient workflows to maximize service levels and resource utilization for the warehouse, transportation, and labor.


What can we achieve?

Savings in logistic costs
Higher end-user satisfaction
Increase in capacity utilization

Category Management


Automated planogram

Standardized workflows and 3D drawings that project which products to display, the quantity, and where they should be placed.


Layout manager

Combine and compare layout designs and planograms for the most profitable usage of aisle and shelf space with user-friendly 3D models.


Automated assortment optimization

Leverages spatial data, planograms, and ingests relevant market data to manage and optimize physical space.


What can we achieve?

Efficiency gains across product distribution channels
Increase in gross profit
Inventory optimization