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Enterprise cloud thinking. Infinite scale.

Softtek is a strategic cloud partner with the end-to-end transformation experience and platform partnerships to help companies accelerate digital transformation through the selection, design, migration, orchestration, and expense management of cloud computing and storage resources across public, private, and hybrid models. Through the cloud, we build, operate and optimize intelligent digital platforms and products that power global industries.

Developing a Cloud-Powered Enterprise is a journey

Softtek helps organizations traverse unknown terrain by developing flexible multi-cloud operation models that can increase IT infrastructure availability and scalability while optimizing the total cost of ownership through the selection, design, migration, orchestration and expense management of computing and storage resources provisioned in public, private, and hybrid clouds.

"When traditional channels and operations are impacted, the value of digital channels, products and operations becomes immediately obvious."

Jaime Palacios

SVP, Digital & Innovation

Softtek driving Innovation using the Cloud

Leading transformation, overcoming obstacles, and driving innovation by exploiting the cloud.
Agile cloud migration
Accelerate your cloud-powered organization with an agile migration strategy. Creating a next-generation enterprise means designing a cloud migration blueprint for your organization's applications, platforms, and data while making critical decisions about what to relocate, rehost, replatform, repurchase, and refactor.
Digital architecture & platform advisory
We help organizations realize their full cloud potential and navigate the processes associated with evolving digital platforms, IT architecture and application modernization.
Cloud architecture and cloud adoption
Develop a cloud-first architecture and strategy for your organization while charting an accelerated path towards successful cloud adoption.
Cloud orchestration
Develop a stable and secure environment for accelerated delivery and design a cohesive management approach for the automated workflow of various processes across your organization’s domains, systems and teams.
Cloud expense management
Gain visibility and understand the current expenses of running your cloud operations. Make informed decisions regarding balancing cost, capacity, and resource optimization— through intelligent monitoring.
Infrastructure as code
Shift from old paradigms to infrastructure as code. Enable automation, continuous deployment and advance Site Reliability Engineering strategies that help forge digitally resilient businesses.

Platform Services

Through our enterprise technology partnerships, we combine the power of leading cloud providers, along with our agile transformation services to drive scalable cloud transformation with measurable results.

Our work

Digital Architecture helps largest travel group have a modern and scalable platform