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Custom development and strategic integrations transform the fitness member journey

Agile Portfolio Evolution


About the customer

Well-known fitness center chain in the United States.

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200+ clubs

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5k+ employees

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Millions of members


Business challenges

Our customer was searching for scalable technological solutions to address operational challenges in managing a vast network of over 200 fitness clubs. The primary issues included the absence of suitable turnkey technologies and the necessity for extensive customization to support a new subscription billing model. This aimed at enhancing operational efficiency and boosting member engagement. The challenges were:


The fitness industry lacks scalable, turnkey solutions, creating inefficiencies in serviced delivery and member experience.


Extensive customization of technology solutions drives up costs and complicates operations across multiple locations.


Inconsistent integration of technology across different club sizes leads to disparities in member experience, impacting member satisfaction and retention rates for large-scale operators.


Advanced tools like SAP Data Sphere and SAP Analytics Cloud were not being fully utilized due to integration and adoption challenges.


How Softtek comes into play

Softtek was instrumental in our customer’s transition to a new subscription billing system, replacing an outdated financial system. This shift was crucial for adopting a subscription-based model, enhancing billing flexibility, and enabling seamless member and CRM data integration across the entire platform ecosystem. Softtek’s role extended across several business domains, including CRM, billing systems, member services, sales, and club operations. The solution was supported by:

Implementation of a cross-functional distributed Agile pod: This approach facilitated continuous improvement and regular deployment of code updates, ensuring alignment with evolving business requirements.

Scaled Agile delivery: Maintained high technical and quality standards, with flexible release schedules tailored to strategic objectives.

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Business impact

The implementation of the new subscription billing system and the comprehensive technological overhaul led by Softtek resulted in:


Enhanced flexibility and scalability: Softtek’s ability to scale teams according to project needs allowed for rapid adaptation to changing scopes, enhancing the agility of operations.


Development of custom technology solutions: The bespoke solutions developed by Softtek enabled the client to effectively address the industry’s challenge of finding scalable technological solutions for large operators.


Transition to Agile development:The shift to Agile methodologies streamlined project management and development processes, aligning with modern software practices.


Ecosystem transformation: Replaced the outdated financial system with a new subscription billing product and integrated with an updated CRM platform, modernizing the client’s billing systems.

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