Brazilian auto insurance provider is first to market with on-demand insurance app

About the customer

Top car insurance provider in Brazil and part of a global multi-brand insurance network founded over a century ago.

1.6MM+ clients

60+ branches across Brazil

30+ years in operation (Brazil market)

Business challenges

Our client endeavored to capitalize on emerging market opportunities by evolving its business model to offer customers new value and provide more personalized digital experiences and services.


Access Agile development benefits to bring new products and services more quickly to new customer segments.


Stay competitive and grow in an emerging insurance market.


Optimize product operations within the current business and introduce new Agile processes.

How Softtek comes into play

Softtek applied Lean Inception and additional Design Thinking methodologies to develop an on-demand insurance platform.

Facilitated collaborative knowledge and ideation sessions to determine ideal product features and processes.

Designed a minimum viable product (MVP) with information gleaned through the "Learn" phase.

Iterated and improved MVP UX and launched an on-demand insurance platform.

Business impact

Over the decades, our client has always prided itself on its ability to adapt to the different markets it serves. With new Agile capabilities helping it arrive first to market with an on-demand insurance app, our client’s Brazil operation is yet another example of its adaptability and focus on the future.

First to market with on-demand insurance app.

90% reduction in time to develop and launch a new product, based on its pre-Agile benchmarks.

Aligned the organization under a shared vision and objectives, eliminating silos and speeding new product development.

Enabled Agile ways of working to permeate the design and optimization of processes centered around cost efficiency and ensuring a delightful UX.

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