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The most secure, flexible and efficient data masking solution

Faced with a growing volume of data, increasingly demanding regulations for personal information protection, and the indispensable need to do tests based on real data, companies are challenged to reduce the possibility of exposing the confidential data of companies, clients, or partners, as well as costs derived from possible sanctions. This makes it necessary to take forceful actions to enable a totally secure and confidential handling of personal information.

Protect personal data and comply with regulations

With solid capabilities and a proven methodology, Ellenton offers the ability to handle sensitive information without exposing it, using the most advance data masking techniques when handling data for testing, customer support, analysis, reporting, and many other processes.

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Prevent the risk of data or sensitive information leakage
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Ensure compliance with data protection laws
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Constantly update and monitor information security
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Ensure the quality and protection of data in testing environments
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Safely handle support incidents

What’s behind Ellenton?

Easily enable a focused solution for the masking of sensitive data. Protect the information of your business and clients by generating realistic and valid data for the execution of software tests in non-production environments (development, testing, training, quality, etc.).We help you rapidly evolve to a more agile and secure data masking solution.
Intelligent reduction of data volumes within test environments, minimizing maintenance costs and the resources required for their creation.
Real Data
Realistic data generation that improves the quality of testing and development environments, including a tool that identifies susceptible fields and masks them.
Masked information in engines such as Oracle, MS-SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, Sybase*, plain text files, Excel files, and VSAM files (Z / OS), etc.
Ease of configuration, monitoring, and control of masking processes from the centralized administration module. Reports for monitoring and auditing.
Preservation of referential integrity between different databases and engines, generating complete and transversal environments that allow the easy detection and replication of application problems during tests.
Helps in discovering and enforcing integrity constraints not defined in the data model.
Libraries of various matching functions to adjust to the information needs of each business. Random masking or masking from a seed for easy maintenance.
Licensing that allows the use of the tool and all its modules for an unlimited time, on a specific database engine for all users.

How it works

If you want to know more about this service, fill out the form below and one of our consultants will contact you to find out more about your needs.