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Sector: Security | TechnologY: Data Masking


Ellenton is a solution focused on the secure masking of sensitive data, with the aim of protecting business information and customers generating realistic and valid data for the execution of software tests in non-productive environments (development, testing, training, quality, etc). Although the means of production are controlled and restricted only to authorized personnel, certain information can be exposed to obtain test data to ensure correct operation and quality. During examinations, sensitive information may be at risk of exposure for misuse. In addition, this can cause legal problems in accordance with data protection policies and laws.

Secure data masking to test your software.

  • Enmascaramiento-01


    Generation and masking of data for functional and secure software tests based on real customer information, replacing sensitive and personal data with fictitious data with the same characteristics.

  • Optimización-01


    Intelligent reduction of data volumes within testing environments, without losing the consistency of these, minimizing maintenance costs and the necessary resources required.

  • Control-01


    Conservation of referential integrity between different databases and engines; generating complete and transversal environments that allow detecting and easily replicating the problems of the apps in the tests.

  • Multiplataform


    Masked information in engines such as Oracle, MS-SQL Server, MySQL, DB2 (Windows, I-Series), Sybase, flat files, Excel and VSAM (Z / OS) files.

  • datos reales-01

    Real Data

    Generation of realistic data that improve the quality of testing and development environments, including a tool that identifies the fields that are likely to be masked.

  • integridad-2


    Personalized customer support and help in the discovery process and application of integrity constraints not defined in the data model.

  • Multifunción-01


    Bookstores of diverse functions of masking in order to adjust to the information needs of each business. Random masking or starting from a seed to facilitate maintenance.

  • seleccion-2-01


    Possibility of selecting a certain percentage or number of rows of one or several tables, in order to generate the subsets of test data appropriate to each situation.

  • configuracion (1)


    Easy configuration, monitoring and control of masking processes from the central administration module. Reports for follow-up and audit.