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2022 Digital Trends

Merge and Expand, without limits.

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Entering the Metaverse

Digitalization and virtualization have generated many disruptions in recent years. This evolution has reached a significant turning point thanks to the Metaverse, an ecosystem that will drive exponential innovation and co-creation processes that will generate new business models and give companies the opportunity to design hybrid and radically different experiential interactions.


Data, a matter of precision

In a context marked by the need for immediacy and hyper-personalized insights, it is worth reflecting on what type of data generates the greatest impact on decision-making. In this sense, precision throughout the data lifecycle will play a fundamental role, driving strategies focused on defining an architecture that is capable of obtaining, analyzing and processing information in real time and at the right moment.


The tech-based Marketing era

In the era of hyper-personalization and hyper-relevance, the synergies arising from the marriage of traditional marketing strategies with cutting-edge technology are critical. The Martech ecosystem is revolutionizing the classic marketing paradigm, taking segmentation, campaign launching and the creation of personalized omnichannel interactions to the next level.

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