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A digital fan engagement ecosystem for pro sports teams

Your season is limited, but being a fan is a year-round commitment. Your stadium is only so big, but the passion of every fan extends beyond those walls. It’s time to know and delight your fans every day, anywhere, while increasing revenue. Are you ready to take the field?


Our offer: Know and delight fans. Unlock new revenue streams 365 days a year.

Softtek empowers pro sports teams to play ball—digitally. We align with your brand and engagement strategy, then help you design and build an ecosystem of digital products that deliver personalized experiences and new monetization opportunities with a global fanbase. Throughout the process, we create, implement, and measure the performance of your ecosystem and leverage insights to unlock more valuable opportunities.



For the fan community

  • Increase commitment: Deliver personalized experiences that reinforce fan commitment to your team.
  • Foster a sense of community: Provide tools for fans to make authentic connections, near and far, in real time.
  • Reward fan passion: Fans get access to content and experiences better than any third-party platform can offer, such as interacting with players, exclusive content, and more.

For the business

  • Boost social media presence: Interacting with fans and inspiring them to interact with you leads to greater online brand exposure.
  • Generate recurring revenue: Create new revenue streams through memberships.
  • Maximize customer lifetime value: Stay ahead of the evolving digital landscape by meeting and exceeding the needs of next-generation fans.
  • Increase sales: Use membership data for targeted campaigns and personalized offers.
  • Unlock data-driven sponsorship: Offer sponsors and potential sponsors more valuable and targeted opportunities based on valuable membership and engagement data.

Building a digital dynasty: Three key value drivers, unlimited use cases

It all starts with creating a unique fan profile to identify every fan. As memberships roll out and the value of their data grows, you’ll have the insights to come up with homerun use cases and the capacity to rapidly integrate them in your ecosystem.

Fan community

Reinforce a sense of belonging from day one and open the door to recurring revenue.

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Free membership: Assign every fan a unique ID, putting an ecosystem of free experiences at their fingertips
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Paid premium membership: Fans can pay a monthly subscription for exclusive content, early access to ticket sales, priority entry to fan events, and more
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Merit-based membership: Fans show loyalty by buying tickets, merch, and interacting with the team on social media, which can be recognized and rewarded with additional privileges

Fan engagement

Create meaningful experiences for a global fanbase.

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Personalized communication: Leverage membership data for tailored emails, app notifications, and social media interactions
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Exclusive content: Release behind-the-scenes content, player interviews, and more
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Fan communities: Promote fan interaction during game breaks and the offseason through sweepstakes, mini games, etc
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Watch party: Provide tools such as live chat and a search function for local watch parties, connecting fans near and far

Fan 360° and data-driven sponsorship

Deliver the right message to the right fans at the right time.

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Smart segmentation: Identify key fan demographics for precise targeting
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Lead-gen: Design and implement campaigns that generate valuable leads
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Real-time targeting: Adjust sponsor messaging and targeting in real time for maximum impact

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