Form digitalization services enable lightning fast pharma development and approval process


About the customer

US biotechnology company with 30+ years of scientific leadership experience.

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9K+ employees worldwide

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9 FDA-approved medicines

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100% of drug candidates invented and developed in-house


Business challenges

The pharma industry has one of the most complicated and branching content lifecycles. The layers of responsibility imposed on various stages, starting from agency and up to MLR, make the workflows particularly complex, especially when using different systems and transfer formats (PDF, documents, PPT, etc.). Amid the Covid-19 pandemic and to support its paperless initiative, our client had invested in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) to digitally manage its document-based transactions.


Even with AEM, manual and other content formats were still being used in its workflow processes.


Processes took longer to complete, were more prone to errors, and made transaction management costs high.


This was especially debilitating in the approvals process, which was, loosely speaking, half-manual and half-automated.


How Softtek comes into play

The client engaged Softtek to replace the previous AEM vendor and provide a no-code solution for its form digitalization and e-signature process. By working with Softtek, the client could leverage its existing AEM investment and business processes, however with the level of customization necessary for efficient workflows within the pharmaceutical industry’s stringent regulatory environment.

Worked collaboratively with the client to develop the optimal workflow and digitalization approach based on internal and external approver and stakeholder requirements.

Leveraged out-of-the-box AEM components, rather than intricate customizations, to reduce time and cost in coding and development while improving flexibility.

Converted paper forms to digital and integrated Adobe Sign to enable an entirely paperless approvals process.

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Business impact

The new system allowed the client to communicate more seamlessly between internal stakeholders and internal and external approvers and improved the overall quality of the process.

Reduced errors by 20%.

Improved the stakeholder experience and improved internal satisfaction scores.

Enabled a high-volume, cost-effective digital transaction management process, minimizing friction between people, documents, and data.

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