Multinational software company beats its CSAT score record with centralized IT helpdesk


About the customer

A multinational enterprise software company founded in 2002 that specializes in developing tools for software development, project management, and collaboration.

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US $2.8B
revenue (2022)

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in 13 countries

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Business challenges

Our client’s main source of revenue comes from subscribers who depend on the usability of its digital product line to run agile projects and collaborate effectively. However, it was using 30+ disparate service desks and its in-house L2 support teams as the primary point of contact for most L1 support inquiries. Our client’s goal was to replace this setup with a centralized global IT helpdesk to:


Improve response times to both internal users and customers.


Reduce the number of tickets in the queue and increase first-time resolution leveraging automation and bots.


Enable self-service capabilities by integrating runbooks and a shift left approach.


How Softtek comes into play

Softtek began with a deep assessment of the client’s product line and service desk procedures. This understanding helped Softtek propose and implement more efficient processes in the next phases, including a single point of contact, a centralized channel for L1 support, chatbots, and testing and quality checks. Next, Softtek centralized the knowledge base, defined runbook templates (self-service how-to guides), and retooled the ticketing portal.

Softtek now handles all L1 incidents from a centralized helpdesk and escalates any other ticket to the client’s L2 teams. During this final and ongoing phase, Softtek works to continuously improve the service desk by applying ITIL best practices to increase the level of automation, grow the knowledge base of the chatbots, and reduce helpdesk costs.

Elastic delivery model able to expand and contract as the client’s needs evolve.

Ongoing training and testing of the bots to fetch runbook solutions from a growing knowledge base and escalate incidents to L2 support.

Commercialized chatbot support to serve both internal users and customers across the entire product line.

Easy implementation of additional service desks into the streamlined service desk operation.

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Business impact

Our client now enjoys an efficient and responsive centralized IT service desk operation with streamlined processes, increased automation levels, and improved knowledge management. This has led to significant cost savings and allowed the client to reallocate more of its personnel to value-added activities.

Improved bot response times to less than one minute and human-assisted inquiries to less than 15 minutes.

Increased first call resolution from 10% to 30%.

9,200+ tickets per month globally.

Met or exceeded all SLAs each month.

4.91/5 CSAT score,
the highest our client
has achieved
(as of July 2021).

service desk
only 7 months.

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