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For years, the Oil and Gas industry has been impacted by the complexities of global economics, geopolitical events and environmental pressures –recent years being no exception with the crude price fallout. Conditions like these raise the stakes for business survival with increasing pressures for cost reduction and operational efficiency across all core functions of the Industry, Upstream, Midstream or Downstream. More than ever, Market conditions drive key initiatives in critical areas that need constant improvements, such as Asset reliability, Regulatory Compliance, M&A Integration, Back Office Integration, Cyber Security just to name a few. Companies are challenged to do more with less and it is only through the adoption of the right technologies and years of experience that they can better the chances for success.

Digital technologies, organizational agility, and reengineered processes are helping Oil and Gas companies make the right changes to thrive and grow, despite the uncertainties of the market. With the right technology, processes and people, organizations can merge the digital and physical worlds to reduce operational costs, optimize the productivity of assets and operations, and enable the creation of new business models and revenue streams.


Softtek partners with oil and gas companies to implement an operational core that reduces costs, optimizes processes and enables constant innovation and flexibility to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry. We help growing business stay connected and functionally integrated to keep managing the day to day operational cost effectively and improve their bottom line.

Softtek Service Value

By modernizing and streamlining technology operations, we provide a foundation of platform stability, systems integration, and automation-enabled service management. We build an environment that enables and drives digital business strategies to:

  • Enhance customer experience
  • Increase regulatory compliance
  • Optimize asset utilization
  • Establish new revenue streams

Emerging technologies, digitization, and reinvented business models are helping our clients be agile and proactive in an evolving and undetermined marketplace, while simultaneously realizing endless opportunities throughout upstream, midstream and downstream operations. Applying this business models and technology, our customers are achieving outstanding outcomes as:

  • Immediate update on cash projections by adopting digital Service Orders for the Engineers Team in the field
  • 60% Reduction in closing efforts by receiving real time information
  • 30% Cost reduction by implementing a hosting solution
  • 20% Cost reduction by lower infrastructure requirements
  • 25-35% Improvement in APM & monitoring cycle time

Along with the previous outcomes, our Oil & Gas customers enjoy a standardized platform that allows them to have the business visibility of each of their operation sites in real time, with the flexibility for information management to be independent by site location as well as unified at corporate level.


Enabling digital business transformation

  • Improving Field Services by leveraging mobile solutions
  • Simulation systems (Digital Twin)
  • Connecting production and manufacturing assets through IIoT
  • Supporting decision making with Industrial Analytics
  • Agile development to deliver business solutions timely
  • Constant Innovation with Continuous Delivery & DevOps
  • Custom business solutions through Software Product Development
  • Cloud Migration & Transformation for real cost savings and operational flexibility
  • Combining the right Technology Expertise – IoT, RPA, AI, AR/VR, Mobile

Why Softtek

Proven energy expertise Softtek serves some of the world’s key energy and utilities companies for over 18 years, helping them modernize and optimize IT operations, enable the innovation agenda, and deliver value across core and supporting functions in every touchpoint.
Collaborative culture New agile approaches require tight collaboration and interaction. Softtek’s company culture is rooted on co-creation principles. We complement our client’s teams, bringing skills, processes and tools that improve alignment to business priorities.
Technology expertise Softtek‘s Energy team understands the industry technology platforms, and engages with our technology experts to bring innovation to everyday experiences through: IoT, mobile, AR/VR, beacons/sensors, Cloud, Machine Learning/AI, among others.
IT operations leadership Softtek operates and evolves complex application portfolios and service requirements for a diversity of industries, from one of the world’s best airlines to some of the largest hotel and restaurant operators in the world.
Geographic coverage Softtek provides comprehensive support across the Americas, from Canada and USA to Argentina and Chile, complemented with delivery from Spain, China and India for global coverage.
Agile with discipline Our process advantage lies in effectively blending strong process maturity with proven agile approaches and principles. From Lean StartUp (Softtek RunLean™) and Design Thinking to DevOps and Scalable Agile frameworks, we make work non-bureaucratic, outcome oriented and flexible.

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