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Oil & Gas

Fueling sustainability, agility, and optimization through technology

Leaders and consumers around the world demand an intelligent industry. It’s time to lay the technological foundation for net-zero emissions, carbon neutrality, regulatory readiness, safety, and operational efficiency.

Transformation to overcome a volatile, regulated, competitive environment

Softtek provides technology solutions to enhance the digitalization of the oil & gas value chain. We center our partnerships around cost efficiency and continuous innovation by optimizing processes, efficiently managing infrastructure, and enabling advanced analytics and data-driven decisions.

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Streamline interoperability and integration with microservices and the cloud
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Enable sustainability, uptime, and efficiency with intelligent IoT and sensorization
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Effectively manage infrastructure through offline and online solutions
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Leverage AR and VR for safer training and maintenance
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Enable a comprehensive and immediate view of business indicators
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React quickly to market changes with planning tools
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Maximize the value your ERP gives to the organization

Agenda for Oil & Gas

Oil & gas companies require short- and long-term plans to become more economically, socially, and environmentally responsible, using technology to enable:

Real-time data analytics and management.


Emissions reduction.


Smart infrastructure control.


Availability and security of information in the cloud.


Remote operations monitoring.

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Risk mitigation.


ERP evolution.


Our services and solutions

Softtek offers a wide ange of specialized services and solutions backed by highly trained teams with deep industry knowledge in the following areas:
Digital Transformation Services
We provide consulting services and emerging technology expertise with an additional Design Thinking capability that will give you access to new product development processes through creative testing methods.

We have the experience to help your business achieve operational excellence. We provide consulting services and emerging technology expertise with an additional Design Thinking capability that will give you access to new product development processes through creative testing methods.
Modern Application Development
We don't just build you an application; we build an entire system fit for the future.
Enterprise Management Solutions
We have a deep understanding of how to best prepare your company for future challenges, whether you are optimizing an ERP system or integrating customer-facing systems with enterprise data. Our teams work closely with you so every business process can be optimized and regulatory-ready.
Intelligent Automation Services
Softtek's intelligent automation services allow organizations to streamline business workflows beyond the scope of traditional technologies. With Softtek’s cutting-edge solutions, we help brands reach new levels in operational efficiency and improve quality by bringing intelligence into information intensive tasks.
Intelligent IT Operations
Softtek's cutting-edge approach to IT operations has powered some of the world’s most sophisticated and efficient systems. Built on modern SRE principles, Softtek keeps your IT operation running smoothly with next-gen AIOps capabilities.
IoT Solutions
blauLabs is a proven enterprise IoT platform that seamlessly integrates into your technology ecosystem, connects “out-of-the-box” to a wide variety of signal & data sources, processes large amounts of data in a cloud environment, and provides self-service advanced visualization and analytics tools.
Advanced Business Analytics
With each process and interaction, thousands of data points are generated that can be a source of future efficiencies that benefit the business and its customers. At Softtek, we have solid experience in the oil, gas & utilities industries, as well as data and analytics capabilities, helping our clients to ensure they have quality information, the most advanced tools, and new business algorithms to allow agile decision making and maximization of the value obtained from data.
Digital Innovation Labs
More and more, the oil, gas & utilities industries are subject to continuous changes that force them to evolve. Faced with this situation, the demand for innovation is already a requirement for any company in these sectors and their respective value chains.

Softtek Innovation Labs as a Service provides proven methodologies and frameworks , helping implement accelerated innovation models for the development and improvement of products and services that reduce time to market, generate significant efficiencies throughout the chain and improve the customer experience.
Logistic & Transportation Optimization
The complexity of logistics processes in the oil, gas & utilities industries range from extraction, storage, transportation and delivery, to the integration of the supply chain and compliance with strong safety regulations.

In partnership with Blue Yonder, Softtek provides business planning, execution, delivery and workforce solutions that optimize your business. From start to finish, artificial intelligence and machine learning automate workflows and help predict, prevent and solve interruptions to optimize the entire chain.