non-alcoholic bottler saves 27% YOY on infrastructure monitoring


About the customer

One of the largest non-alcoholic beverage bottlers in the world.

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60k employees

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50 production centers around the world

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370 distribution centers

"The consolidation of infrastructure services will allow our company to optimize IT expenses during acquisitions while leveraging current operations and achieving the planned synergies."

Chief Information Officer


Business challenges

Having just carried out several acquisitions in the Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, US, and other markets, our client wanted to ensure a quality-driven, international managed services model for its IT operations.


Complete a data center migration for all newly acquired businesses into the ecosystem.


Establish an IT support model with international coverage.


Build flexibility, scalability, and continuous improvement into the contract.


How Softtek comes into play

As a nearshore leader in Latin America, Softtek was well-positioned to enable peak availability of the client’s datacenter and cloud infrastructure throughout Latin America. Softtek began by completing an initial maturity assessment to determine a governance model to quantitatively measure and improve various aspects of the service. Then, Softtek implemented and matured processes while completing the transition from the incumbent vendor in just three months.

Used domain-driven infrastructure design to mirror the business structure.

Completed a datacenter migration in less than 20 hours, coordinating over 120 resources from different vendors and suppliers.

Set up and operated a command center for infrastructure monitoring, with L2 and L3 support for the following:

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Business impact

Softtek completed a datacenter migration without any impact to operations and delivered an integral command center for infrastructure monitoring, enabling continuous cost optimization and improved operational efficiencies as well as igniting a 5-year contract renewal.

27% year-over-year savings achieved through operational efficiencies.

70% reduction to critical incident volume in the first year.

99.99% global operation availability through the infrastructure command center.

Increased infrastructure device volumes by 10% versus previous year at no additional cost to monitor.

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