IoT solution saves hotel chain millions on energy, pays for itself in one year

About the customer

Our client is a renowned Spanish hotel chain offering travelers and tourists luxury accommodations at unique destinations such as castles and historic buildings, each with its own high-end restaurant serving the region’s gastronomy.

100+ hotels

5,000+ employees

3 hotel sub-brands

100+ years of

Business challenges

As a state-owned enterprise, our client wanted to take energy-saving measures into its own hands. Not only would it garner major social approval, improve its regulatory compliance, and help keep the Earth clean, but it could also enjoy cost savings along the way. At the time, very little had been done to understand its energy consumption at the different sites, and its internal IT team lacked the capacity to design a solution from which to draw actionable insights.


Track energy consumption at all hotels and restaurants.


Generate awareness of energy inefficiencies and form impactful action plans.


Improve compliance with federal and local regulations.


Reduce costs associated with energy management.

How Softtek comes into play

Within 10 weeks, Softtek successfully implemented its proprietary multistage IoT solution, blauLabs, to optimize the efficiency and sustainability of the client’s utility usage. With this solution, our client could connect the right things to the blauLabs IoT ecosystem and find correlations with ease.

Implemented blauLabs multistage IoT solution at all properties.

Embedded sensors in utilities such as electricity, gas, and water.

Integrated weather stations and the hotel reservation system to find additional correlations between utilities consumption, environmental conditions, and occupancy.

Easy-to-use dashboards for on-demand reports, analytics, and alerts.

Business impact

The effective implementation of blauLabs, aligned with industry best practices, gave our client data visualization tools with true actionability at individual locations and at scale across the hotel chain.

US $4 million savings generated in the first two years.

6% reduction in overall energy usage.

All 100+ hotels benefitting.

ROI achieved in one year.

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