How IT infrastructure transformation keeps 600 million+ gamers satisfied and loyal


About the customer

Global video game company headquartered in the US that develops and publishes several popular game franchises cross various platforms, including console, PC, and mobile.

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US $7B revenue (2022)

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12K+ employees (2022)

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600M+ active players (2022)

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100+ video game titles


Business challenges

To commit to a seamless and high-uptime gaming experience, our client began looking for a long-term partner to manage and help transform its IT infrastructure through the gradual adoption of state-of-the-art technology and frameworks.


Handle 1B+ commerce and identity transactions per day.


Eliminate game and live services downtime.


Increase brand loyalty.


Enable infrastructure that scales with the growing number of active players.


How Softtek comes into play

During this partnership of over a decade, Softtek has guided the client’s infrastructure transformation by implementing cloud technology, DevOps practices, automation, and SRE principles. These efforts have directly led to increased uptime, improved UX, and surpassing its revenue goals. In addition, Softtek employs ITIL best practices and a robust governance framework to continually enhance the design, development, implementation, and monitoring of technology services centered around cost efficiency and scalability as the business grows.

• Gameplay continuity through systems engineering
• Commerce and identity
• Gameplay services
• IT DevOps monitoring
• Online network services
• IT asset management
• VMware VCenter hardening

Our services include:
• IT process implementation
• Application development
• Cloud adoption
• Cloud expense management
• Unified commerce solutions management
• IT infrastructure management (on-premises, hybrid, and cloud)
• Operational intelligence and analytics

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Business impact

Through its partnership, the client has adopted a culture of “more engineering, less operations.” This approach has resulted in increased automation, innovation, technology adoption, and the implementation of Agile methodologies for managing and coordinating deliverables. This shift has led to significant year-over-year increases in CSAT scores and annual contract renewals with Softtek since 2009.

900% increase in digital revenue.

Zero Softtek-attributed outages (start of 2021-end of 2022).

99.9% infrastructure availability.

US $20M+ in savings since 2009.

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