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ITSM helps travel restaurant brand improve CX during global pandemic

Digital Transformation Services | Agile Portfolio Evolution |
NextGen IT Operations


About the customer

A widely recognized company that provides food and beverage services to customers in various settings, such as airports, shopping centers, and other transportation hubs.

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US $3B+ revenue

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15,000+ restaurants in 100+ airports

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300+ brand partners


Business challenges

Our client’s IT department consisted mainly of insourced talent resources that only had the bandwidth to manage the day-to-day technology operations of the restaurants. With no additional capacity to plan and launch digital transformation initiatives, our client was at a disadvantage during the COVID-19 pandemic as competitors raced to deliver contactless experiences and new ways to satisfy customer needs. Ultimately, our client decided to seek a technology partner that could manage and optimize its corporate and restaurant technology operations to create more opportunities for growth and innovation.


Modernize technologies, like its QR code application, to adapt to provide contactless consumer experiences amidst the pandemic.


Consolidate IT support services, such as cybersecurity, to simplify business operations.


Strengthen innovation and growth to mitigate competitive threats.


Expand immediate, local IT support in the client’s restaurants.


How Softtek comes into play

Softtek was the recommended choice by Ernst & Young’s professional services and was engaged to handle our client’s day-to-day technology operations and support important digital transformation initiatives.

Softtek consolidated all the client's corporate IT and restaurant technology operations into an integrated, end-to-end, data-driven, quality focused managed service. Softtek placed its IT Field Services Technicians to conduct routine health and wellness checks, such as monitoring the network, connectivity, etc. Not only did these solutions optimize operational efficiency, but they helped the client to proactively prevent tech-related issues. In addition, Softtek has helped lead the client’s digital transformation by enhancing its QR code application. By incorporating a Self Service Module, Softtek enabled restaurant managers to update their menus directly into the QR application rather than recreating tickets. The app is also customizable to match each restaurant’s brand colors, images, and targeted advertisements.

Provided IT service management and a restaurant service desk for restaurants to efficiently report, track, and resolve IT issues.

Leveraged application management and development technologies.

Applied corporate and restaurant technology infrastructure management.

Implemented 15 Field Services Technicians to manage onsite IT needs, such as POS, Kiosks, and BOH systems.

Supported our client's digital transformation through the QR code menu application.

Applied cybersecurity services to prevent attacks, minimize vulnerabilities, and isolate risks.

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Business impact


Enabled further investments in digital capabilities that expand its customer base (ex. partnerships with airlines and ridesharing applications to increase the visibility of its restaurants).


Enabled a near zero-touch IT operation environment through automation.


Implemented contactless ordering and payment technologies in record time, exceeding customer needs amidst the pandemic.


Provided a digital transformation dashboard to track availability, sales performance, and technology issues.

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