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Migrating 4 million customers in SAP enhances the sporting goods customer journey

Agile Portfolio Evolution | NextGen IT Operations


About the customer

One of the leading sporting goods retailers in Mexico.

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25+ years of excellence

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2,000+ employees

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100+ storefronts


Business challenges

One of the first steps for retailers to generate loyalty and recurring purchases is to convince shoppers to create an account. Our client had amassed an impressive 4+ million combined users across 5 different eCommerce sites. However, each of the portals were built on SAP Hybris, which did not allow users to sign up with the same user ID on a different portal. While all the systems were in place to fix this issue, our client lacked trained resources to complete the job. Its goals were to bring on an external partner to migrate customers from SAP Hybris to SAP Customer Data Cloud (CDC), which would:


Allow customers to manage each account independently (sign up, log in, or delete account) under one unique user ID.


Allow accounts from one portal to be deleted without interfering with others.


Provide traceability to the portal where each account was originally created.


Comply with security regulations.


How Softtek comes into play

As the client’s long-term SAP application management partner, Softtek was already familiar with its environment and could quickly integrate Hybris with CDC. Our plan was to change the structure of the five portals to single sign-on authentication, which would allow customers to create accounts under the same user ID. In addition, this integration was a key step in creating customer 360 profiles to adapt to a wider range of needs and enable micromarketing.

Developed APIs to migrate 4+ million accounts from SAP Hybris to SAP Customer Data Cloud.

Utilized SAP Activate methodology, an Agile-based project implementation approach for any SAP innovation or solution.

Key technologies: SAP Hybris 6.5, SAP Customer Data Cloud, SAP APIs

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Business impact

Managing all accounts in CDC not only gave customers greater control over their information and eCommerce accounts, but also helped the client unify customer data from several sources to support a more personalized eCommerce experience and marketing effort.


Seamless integration and interaction with different platforms, reducing maintenance cost.


100% transparency and control with secure data governance.


Personalized the eCommerce experience.

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