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Modernize, integrate, and evolve your technology portfolio

Bring to life the technology ecosystem you need to face industry challenges head on and lead in the digital era. Our approach takes the best of your assets and makes them run flawlessly as a component of a modern digital foundation.

The right partner for the right technology ecosystem; power up your innovation capabilities

Instead of ditching valuable assets and slowing down transformation, we repurpose legacy applications using modern architectural patterns and platforms, mitigate technology obsolescence risks, and improve usability, security, and maintainability.

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Accelerate time-to-market by bringing business, operations, and applications together through Enterprise Agile Development and DevOps
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Increase customer growth and loyalty, while lowering customer acquisition costs through advanced analytics and AI
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Build a foundation of reusable components and flexible architecture centered on APIs and Microservices
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Integrate your core seamlessly, including mainframes, ERPs, Cloud, SaaS, and third-party digital ecosystems

Core Services and Practices

Our powerful combination of technology expertise, tools, methodologies, and service delivery capabilities provides the depth and breadth needed for successful digital initiatives.
Cloud Architecture & Cloud Adoption
Develop a cloud-first architecture and strategy, while charting an accelerated path towards successful cloud adoption.
Digital Architecture
Assess current technology architecture gaps and chart a path towards a modern foundation to fuel digital business growth. Key gaps may relate to digital security, mobile platforms, microservice containers, non-relational database systems, integration platforms, cloud services, data analytics platforms, cognitive engines, IoT platforms or blockchain platforms.
Agile Application Development and Transformation Services
From coaching to implementation, we execute large-scale mission-critical application development programs, leveraging lean-agile best-practices, DevSecOps, Agile TSP, low-code, no-code, and more. Make continuous delivery of high-quality application features into complex technological landscape easy and riskless.
Application Modernization
Convert, rewrite or port legacy applications into modern cloud-based and mobile-ready environments. Softtek has the perfect blend of application architecture and software development skills to help our clients modernize their portfolios.
Cloud Modernization
Create a next-generation enterprise by accelerating your cloud-powered organization. Design an agile cloud migration blueprint for your applications, platforms, and data, while making critical decisions about what to relocate, rehost, replatform, repurchase, and refactor.
Softtek delivers consulting, coaching, implementation, and managed DevOps services. Covers the continuous software delivery lifecycle and leverages a growing talent pool ready to support, augment, accelerate or complement your DevOps plans.
APIs and Microservices
A modern enterprise relies on a robust applications platform, and increasingly on an infrastructure of APIs, and Microservices that connect the enterprise with its environment.
SAP Services
From implementation to maintenance, Softtek has a comprehensive and longstanding SAP practice. When combined with our digital capabilities, we help organizations maximize the value of SAP investments as cornerstone for digital.
Salesforce Services
Get the most out of your Salesforce investment. We help organizations design, develop and implement Salesforce and business solutions on top of Salesforce suite of solutions.
Software Engineering
We work with Product Owners directing ambitious roadmaps on tight budgets.

With over 10,000 software engineers and expertise across platforms, our product-centric approach, solution accelerators, automation platforms and low-code, no-code expertise allows us to reconcile time-to-market requirements, budget constraints and strict quality goals.

What’s behind our Core Modernization services?

We help organizations renew the platforms they need to be market leaders, reducing the risk of large scale modernizations, improving performance, and accelerating time to market by combining automation tools, microservices, analytics, a global delivery model, and leading-edge technical experts. Our approach brings speed, flexibility, industry expertise, and technical excellence, all driven by an outcome-based approach.


Automation First

A mindset that constantly identifies opportunities to automate tasks and release resources for higher value-added functions.


Continuous Everything®

Our Continuous Everything® approach focuses on reducing time to market by using lean-DevOps principles.


Outcome-based approach

Our intrinsic motivation to build a feature that matters to our customers and accelerates business growth.


Global Nearshore

As the pioneer and largest provider of Nearshore development services, we build next generation applications using agile and DevOps, maximizing Onshore and Nearshore delivery to speed up roadmaps, team engagement and productivity goals.


Large-scale methodology

Softtek methodologies have been designed with large-scale modernization programs in mind. Our methodology helps reduce cost and risk associated with complex modernization mandates.


Industry-tailored modernization

Our Industry-specialization teams work with our technology-based Centers of Excellence to bring the right business knowledge and solutions to implement a business-driven technology modernization program.


Centers of Excellence

We continuously research and update our methods and best practices to ensure flawless delivery of our services: Digital Innovation Labs, Digital Transformation, AI & RPA, Analytics & Data Science, Customer Experience, Mobile & Interactive, API & Microservices, Architecture & BPM, Project Management, Enterprise IoT, DevOps & SRE, Quality Engineering, Cloud, Digital Governance, Cyber Security.


Throughout the modernization journey we leverage our Framework for Intelligent Digital Automation (FRIDA), a cognitive automation platform that provides a pragmatic and cost-efficient way to constantly automate tasks.


Softtek’s proprietary collection of accelerators, platforms and frameworks provides organizations with the fundamentals they need to tangibly accelerate core modernization journeys.