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Softtek Launches Global Strategy: Future Together

Softtek reaffirms its commitment to the future of digital transformation and launches a new global strategy, Future Together.

11 may ,2022. – Softtek, a global company dedicated to helping organizations evolve through digital technology, announces its new global brand strategy, “Future Together”. The concept aims to highlight the importance of standing together and joining forces to address the challenges of a future in which digitalization will be at the core of society.

After completing the integration process of Vector ITC in October 2021, Softtek emphasizes the company’s potential in Europe to generate advanced solutions that deliver value to businesses and society as a whole, develop digital talent and employment, and fight the digital divide and inequality.

Softtek understands technology as a vehicle capable of connecting us with the future. Digital transformation is a challenge that requires the creation of alliances from all organizations and institutions; government, universities and companies from all over the world. Joining forces will allow us to create a connected, sustainable world, based on growth and quality employment, so that all types of talent can participate in the social change that technology is generating in the world at all levels and building a better world, together. Softtek’s Future Together is born from this new reality.

“The future is uncertain and complex, so facing it requires attributes such as courage, preparation, creativity and agility,” says Blanca Treviño, CEO of Softtek. “With these attributes we help our customers, our employees and partners so that, together, we shape a better future. That’s why we are embracing this concept.”.

Softtek works with more than 15,000 professionals globally, with 3,000 of them being in Europe, and a wide portfolio of capabilities to assist clients in the conception and implementation of digital solutions, technology portfolio transformation, and new high-performance agile models through the use of data, automation and artificial intelligence.

Recognized as the creator and pioneer of the global Nearshore delivery model, Softtek is a worldwide leader in digital solutions with a four-decade history. It has 18 delivery centers in America, Europe and Asia. Its Cognitive Automation platform, FRIDA, was recently recognized as a “Major Contender” by the Everest Group.

Karen Liedl
Softtek PR
+1 763-291-1464