Performance engineering gives millions of people a smooth video gaming experience

About the customer

An award-winning, highly recognized independent video game developer.

100M+ copies sold

US $1B+ in revenue from a single game franchise

25+ video games developed

Business challenges

Our client depends on many AWS cloud applications to run its multiplayer games. With growing franchises having garnered millions of players and a business model that depends on low latency and high uptime gaming experiences to maximize revenue, our client saw the need to:


Bring on external resources with AWS expertise to achieve a performance engineering throughput consistent with the needs of its game studios.


Gain a better understanding of how its applications will perform at scale for millions of users.


Detect and mitigate bottlenecks prior to game releases and minimize bottlenecks for existing games.

How Softtek comes into play

Softtek was engaged via nearshore outsourcing as a key managed services partner to provide management, support, and performance engineering services (primarily load testing) for multiple AWS instances used by the client’s different game studios.

Customized and improved the distributed load testing solution on AWS.

Scalable load scripts based on open source technologies with JMeter.

Integration with the continuous delivery pipeline.

Business impact

The load testing paired with AWS monitoring, maintenance, and support greatly improved our client’s ability to win over gamers and earn their loyalty.

Improved customer satisfaction with higher application reliability, validated through heavy-load testing (more than one million users).

Gained a clear visibility of the applications’ response times and error rates.

Faster feedback through continuous performance engineering implemented in the CI/CD pipeline.

Increased understanding of application and user behavior under specific situations such as outages.

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