Product-centric transformation helps beer, wine, and spirits company launch 7 D2C brands in record time

About the customer

Leading international producer and marketer of beer, wine, and spirits brands. From its beginnings in 1945 as an upstate New York wine producer to today's position as a CPG leader with a premium portfolio of iconic brands, our client embraces innovation and is the fastest-growing large CPG company in the U.S. at retail.

40 facilities

75+ years in the market

9,000+ employees

US $8.6B in revenue

Business challenges

Especially during the early days of the pandemic, many CPG companies were forced to rethink their vision and better align their IT and business strategies.

Aware of the challenges ahead, our client was looking for a strategic partner to help with the following goals:


Power business growth through a product centric mindset focused on two main areas: sales & marketing.


Enable sales strategy pillars such as category management, supplier collaboration, and sales execution.


Connect with customers and consumers through direct to consumer, consumer platform services, 3-tier eCommerce, and data strategy and architecture.


Operate with future-ready technology platforms that have smart, service-oriented cloud architectures with APIs. • Enterprise mesh platform
• Reporting and analytics platform
• Integration platform

How Softtek comes into play

Softtek was engaged as a strategic partner to run a digital product team development center to support our client’s business strategy and vision.

Implemented an Agile integrated delivery model
• Product-centric approach
• Enterprise Lean-Agile solution
• Value-driven teams by capability

Deployed Softtek CoE –Centers of Excellence to align the digital solution
• Implemented a standardized platform with specific customization per country to reduce operating and innovation costs
• UX/UI rewrite

Continuous delivery & deployment
• Supported by our Continuous Everything® model, we articulated a DevOps model to deliver business and customer value

Business impact

Softtek delivered business and customer value through an Agile delivery model with a product centric approach, resulting in a significant increase in digital transactions across sales platforms and an overwhelmingly positive response from customers. Our client can now be more aggressive in achieving sales goals while maintaining a closer relationship with the end consumer.

7+ brands launched in direct-to-consumer platforms in record time.

30%+ of new businesses achieving upselling/cross-selling goals to existing customers.

80%+ positive conversations in social networks, determined through sentiment analysis.

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