This POS system helped a meat grocer open 130 new stores


About the customer

Our client is a leading distributor and vendor of pork, chicken, and beef that applies world-class standards to select its suppliers and guarantee quality.

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400+ storefronts across nine Mexican states

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Sells meats to food service operators and directly to consumers

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Subsidiary of the largest pork producer in Mexico


Business challenges

Our client quickly became established as a top choice for quality meat in Mexico, allowing it to grow substantially and open 130 more stores during a four-year period.
Due to the speed of growth, our client lacked a standardized POS system to run all stores optimally, meet demand surges with speed and quality, and make data-led decisions to move at the speed of customer preferences.


Needed to roll out an advanced and standardized POS solution across all stores.


Solution must be able to communicate core POS information to support store-and enterprise-level monitoring and decision making.


Solution must be scalable and able to quickly integrate store devices such as scales, payment terminals, kiosks, printers, and more.


How Softtek comes into play

As a partner of SAP and of GK Software, Softtek was the ideal implementation and ongoing support partner for our client’s new POS solution. Since this was the first implementation of the solution in Latin America, Softtek set out to show how it’s way more valuable than transactional POS systems—it's ready to provide an omnichannel CX, empower employees and upper-level decision making, and drive sustainable growth.

Supported the quality assurance, pilot, and rollout of the POS solution across all stores.

Provided ongoing support to ensure high uptime of the system and all connected devices, as well as the high availability of data flows in near-real time.

Supported the opening of new stores, integration of new store devices with the POS, and connection of the POS with other platforms and tools.

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Business impact

Thanks to the solution’s flexible architecture, Softtek can spring into action to conduct preventative maintenance, resolve incidents fast, implement with agility when new stores open, add new store devices, and connect the solution to other IT and business systems. POS is not new technology, however the cloud-based and omnichannel-ready POS solution we integrated and support is truly next gen, and delivers value to everyone:

For employees

Near real-time communication between POS system and all channels for access to reliable and up-to-date customer and business data
Store-and enterprise-level visibility of purchase records, product delivery, inventory, prices and promotions, payments and returns, and more

For customers

Buying behaviors and customer needs quickly understood and acted upon
Personalized experiences and promotions across channels

For the books

Lower IT development and operating costs thanks to the flexible and cloud-based solution architecture
Compliance is easy with a unified POS system responsive to shifting regulations and tax rules

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