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Healthcare staffing leader creates self-service channels to protect customer data privacy through ServiceNow

Agile Portfolio Evolution


About the customer

Our client is a leader in medical and healthcare talent solutions, serving facilities across all 50 US states.

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20+ office locations throughout the US

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3,000+ employees

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US $5B+ revenue


Business challenges

A new regulation was imposed that requires medical organizations to allow customers to choose which personal information is kept on record. With the high volume of potential cases and limited resources, our client needed a partner to help streamline the process and ensure full compliance by the regulation’s effective date. The main goals were to:


Enable self-service channels for customers to update their privacy preferences.


Reduce manual work for customer support reps in updating records.


Process hundreds of thousands of customer cases on time and with accuracy.


How Softtek comes into play

Softtek was engaged to help the client meet the challenge of complying with the new regulation while delivering an excellent user experience for both customers and internal stakeholders. Softtek enabled this project through three different ServiceNow products (Customer Service Management, Risk Management, and ITSM) and created a complete ecosystem of front- and back-office workflows. The key deliverables included:


26 workflows covering all aspects of case creation and processing.

One dashboard for visibility of backlog, resolution rates, etc.

44 report types.

12 business rules to minimize manual effort and ensure accurate criteria for case creation and routing to assignment groups.

Three self-service channels (automated helpline, email, online portal) for customers to update privacy preferences.

17 notification types and routing mechanisms for the appropriate department to handle each case.

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Business impact

Softtek helped the client successfully navigate a complex and time-sensitive regulatory change by delivering customers an effortless self-service experience and streamlining internal processes with higher levels of automation. This resulted in significant cost reductions, faster resolution times, and increased efficiency.


100% compliance with the new data privacy regulation.

Time arrows

90% reduction to case resolution cycle time.


Up to 99% reduction in call volume to customer support reps to create customer cases.


30% reduction of manual activities post case creation.


Reassigned customer support reps to other value-added activities.

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