Gamifies corporate communications.
Amplifies brand awareness.
All from your phone


Socializer is a corporate mobile app for amplifying brand awareness and gamifying company communications through social media. Employees easily share company news, videos and other content on their social networks and email, right from their mobile device.


What can Socializer do for your organization?



Increase internal awareness

Let employees know what’s happening in and around the company, by sending videos, blog posts and other news right to their personal device. Push notifications let you control how
and when users receive the most important news.

Amplify reach

Achieve significant increase in visibility, brand awareness and engagement by leveraging your brand ambassadors!

Measure content performance

Track which content is generating more buzz inside and out of the organization, to adapt your communications and content strategies accordingly.

Boost engagement

Provide incentives to employees by gamifying corporate communications. Participants easily share content on their social networks, earning points for unique clicks on shared links.

Filter by content type, language, value, etc., and keep track of your score in real time! Every time someone clicks on your shared content, you accumulate points.