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Digital Third-Party Risk Management Program

Organizations today leverage an increasing network of third parties but often overlook the risks posed by their ever-growing ecosystem of interconnectivity. The stakes are high when there is a lack of proper due diligence in assuring third parties secure assets, data and systems effectively and comply with information security requirements. Softtek provides an end-to-end digital third-party risk management program focused on establishing a continuous improvement process that analyzes, tracks, reports and follows up on the remediation of third-party security findings that may represent a risk to your enterprise.

Softtek Service Value

We bring together the right processes, people, and technology to reduce the risks associated with third parties. We do this by establishing a high performance Digital 3rd-Party Risk Management Program.

 3rd party risk management life cycle


Softtek helps organizations evaluate and quantify the risk exposure associated to the integration of any third party to your value chain. We help identify, quantify, manage, and follow up on any third party risk that could affect a company’s business reputation, and ensure programs operate at their highest level of performance and efficiency.


Why Softtek

Domain Experience & Outstanding Process Execution Third-Party Risk Management at Softtek combines the right processes, people, and technology to help our customers identify, evaluate, and manage risk to protect the value of the enterprise. Softtek has more than 10 years of experience in conducting risk assessments and helping organizations to manage third party risk for Fortune 1000 organizations.
Culture of Agility & Trust Softtek has a culture rooted in agile execution and value orientation. We strive for excellence in change management enabled by robust transition frameworks and collaboration. Our world-class Global Nearshore™ model is a key enabler of our agility, boosting the capabilities of operations to match our client’s needs through common language, similar time zones, understanding of local work culture and alignment of values.
Statistical-driven Data & Analysis Our Digital Third-Party Risk Management services are based on digitized platforms that allow us to analyze performance and risks, and immediately take action. To get there, we help organizations define, implement and manage a comprehensive Digital Third-Party Risk Management program.
Technical expertise We collaborate closely with the leading solution providers of Governance, Risk and Compliance solutions, and are behind some of the most successful implementations of RSA Archer and Datastream solutions, among other technologies. Our in-depth understanding of the technology landscape, combined with our expertise in information and application security, enables us to get the most of your current investments, and improve the performance with a solid technological foundation.

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