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Fast-track innovation with the added confidence of enterprise data protection

The acceleration of digital transformation and the need to improve cyber resiliency has increased the priority of digital security and risk mitigation worldwide. Softtek helps organizations meet the challenge of ongoing cybersecurity threats while we keep your organization future-fit.

New cybersecurity threats call for a security reset

The enterprise's exposure to evolving security threats can jeopardize its operations, reputation, regulatory & compliance standing, and financial stability. Softtek's Digital Security and Risk Management practice strengthens security posture by optimizing information security investments. We do this with proven and compliant methodologies for managing enterprise information security risk at scale.

Softtek helps organizations reduce risk exposure through a combination of services, including identity & access management, application security, audit management, infrastructure & cloud security, security monitoring & threat hunting, incident response, security automation, and security tools operations management.

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Link your security strategy to business objectives end-to-end and add new metrics-driven services to optimize and automate processes and mitigate IT risk
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Manage regulatory and compliance mandates, protect information assets and avoid reputational risk
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Proactively manage IT security defense from ongoing and emerging threats

Softtek's Digital Security mission

Our business-driven approach focuses on designing and implementing an integrated metrics-driven security architecture. We embed our zero-defect and automation-first approach, resulting in secure business data and resilient digital services to operate with assurance and defend customers and stakeholders from cyber threats.

Ensure business continuity and empower the remote workforce.


Prevent the financial loss associated with current information security practices.


Secure sensitive information.


Stay in compliance with industry regulations and avoid penalties.

Security services and practices

We focus on the most important information security domains, including identity and access management, application security, audit management, infrastructure and cloud security, security monitoring and threat hunting, incident response, security automation, and security tools operations management, which help organizations reduce their risk exposure.
Security and risk management

Softtek can design and implement an integrated metrics-driven security architecture through a zero-defect and an automation first mindset, to protect business data and digital services from internal and external threats and attacks.
Identity and access management
We implement policies, frameworks, and tools to manage digital identities seamlessly.
Security assessment and testing
Softtek provides clients with penetration security services on demand, including network and application audits, and helps organizations build an effective Penetration Testing Center of Excellence.

Softtek offers application security services such as Threat Modeling, Technical Architecture Security Audits, Black Box, Grey Box, White Box (source code audit), testing on-demand, and co-constructing an effective Application Security Center of Excellence.
Security operations
Softtek provides an effective, practical, and industry-aligned incident response service that integrates people, processes, and technologies to improve their cyber resilience.
Software development security
Softtek protects your applications in the full Software Development Life Cycle, providing secure coding and guidance, supporting compliance with standards and legal requirements, and providing security awareness to the team.
Application security
Preserve applications through data and security privacy, APIs, and secured application development enterprise application.
We provide cyber defense operation monitoring services that help organizations proactively identify threats, risks, and abnormal behaviors within their networks.
Fraud and crime prevention
Services include products and consulting activities for money laundering and fraud prevention to successfully implement a Financial Crime Prevention Framework.
Protection and privacy program
Invest in improving reputation and compliance through Softtek's Protection and Privacy Program— a set of services and technology designed to transform and adapt the company's image with its customers and associates. This suite of services includes legal suitability, process review, and technology implementation using the OneTrust solution, the world leader in personal data privacy.

What’s behind our Digital Security Services?

We built our practice to enhance and automate security processes by proactively introducing and fine-tuning security tools to identify security issues. We leverage a continuous root-cause analysis mindset to harden cybersecurity posture, going beyond the surface to help the enterprise prevent, detect, predict, and respond to known and unknown threats.

Over 20 years of robust experience tailored to specific industry needs.


Over 16,000 applications tested.


Over 31 billion lines of code reviewed.


325K+ assets monitored to prevent sensitive data loss.


350K+ account management requests performed annually.


24/7 security operating centers with nearshore flexibility.


A security partnership approach to enable customer’s business objectives.


We help ensure cyber-security, optimize processes, and mitigate IT risk through our metrics-driven service.


Continuous improvement through KPIs and SLA monitoring.


Our fully integrated, end-to-end security solutions provide added confidence and new value.


For over 20 years, our mature security processes have been successfully operationalized and trusted by our clients worldwide.


Our partnership-first approach leverages the best-of-breed components through our solution-agnostic security partnerships, enabling our customer's business objectives.