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TRANSPORTATION & LOGISTICS The future of logistics is digital. Discover how we're transforming logistic and transportation companies to enable new growth

From optimized freight planning to increased end-to-end visibility, we put firms in the driver’s seat of their digital transformation. Our innovative technology solutions deliver the resiliency and reliability needed to thrive amidst global supply chain disruptions and competition. In a rapidly evolving world, our service excellence and data-driven insights shape the future of transportation.

Agenda for Transportation & Logistics

Transportation & Logistics executives are faced with a short- and long-term agenda and must make swift judgments to address the following focus areas:


Enabling new supply chain solutions for direct-to-consumer transactions.


Strategic IT cost optimization.


Atomos Chain Visibility.


Beyond Innovation.


Warehouse Automation.


Supply Chain Network & Asset Optimization for accelerated eCommerce era.



Softtek has developed flexible solutions that can be rapidly deployed to capitalize on the six opportunities described above:

Enhance customer experience
Transform the customer experience using AI technology combined with infrastructure and application management to create a contactless delivery experience.
Customer Insight & Analytics
Access technical and industry specific knowledge related to customer behavior and mature strategies to engage with each consumer.
Enable New Digital revenue streams
Drive supply chain operations and processes with new ancillary revenues and existing digital channels.
Remote workplace enablement
Enable and support workers to rapidly and securely thrive at home or on the move while meeting employee safety and health regulations.
Strategic IT Cost Optimization
Explore all areas of operational and financial waste within the Supply Chain IT budget to shift scarce resources to what matters most to the business.
On Demand Agile Pods
Elastic collaborative teams with multidisciplinary capabilities to develop strategic needs in a cost effective way.

How we are supporting our clients in the Transportation & Logistics sector

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Transport services company sees ROI in 10 months through application and infrastructure services
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Nearshore managed services cuts application costs by 33% for global logistics leader