Software Quality Governance Model

Software Quality Governance Model

Softtek's Quality is based on three key elements that allow full visibility to track Softtek's metrics to measure the quality of the services delivered to its clients.

  1. Adherence to the Capability Maturity Model (CMMi). As a CMMi Level 5 organization, Softtek uses the SEI CMMi guidelines for planning, engineering, and managing software development and maintenance. Thus, the organization is constantly improving its ability to meet goals for cost, schedule, functionality, and product quality.
  2. Six Sigma to achieve excellence in business processes. Our Six Sigma program began five years ago and we have successfully completed Six Sigma projects both internally and with our clients. Six Sigma has become our preferred system for problem resolution and process improvement. Six Sigma is a customer-focused and data-driven management method for achieving excellence in business processes.
  3. Wing-to-wing process digitization. Our whole project tracking and control strategy is based on the digitization of our processes in their entirety. Digitized processes enable real time tracking of metrics, SLA compliance, and efficiency gains attained by Six Sigma projects. This provides full-cycle visibility, delivering total control and real time information of our processes, and the services we deliver to our clients.
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