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The Manufacturing industry has evolved significantly over the past decade, and has slowly transitioned into a more complex, digitalized, and ever-changing entity. With advances in technology and production methods, the challenges executives in leading manufacturing companies encounter include industry-wide shifts toward robotization, optimized shop floor designs, Big Data, inventory management, rising production costs, critical skills shortage, regulatory compliance, and the development of reshoring.



Our industry experts understand the challenges your organization faces, and have the skills, technological resources, and implementation know-how to revolutionize your operations into a more cost-effective and responsive organization.


What is value?

Our industry strategists are trained in your industry and are familiar with the problems your organizations face. Our extensive experience allows us to offer key insights into your organization, with state of the art implementation to offer solutions specifically tailored to your business needs.

  • Our Manufacturing services include business applications such as Supply Chain as ERP, CRM, Rollouts, Application Portfolio Management, Development, Mobility, Security, Infrastructure Support, Collaboration tools, User Experience, and Indirect Procurement.
  • We currently work with 4 of the top 10 global conglomerates and have over 1,500 technical specialists on staff. Through our skill and experience, we are able to offer our clients extensive experience in managed service models and global delivery solutions.
  • Our involvement with multinational corporations has given us the knowledge to deal with complex M&A integration mergers, and in balancing key business functions such as global and local business requirements.
  • Our services answer critical questions regarding the enterprise level, such as Simplification, Process Standardization, Shared Services Implementation and IT alignment, to the critical operations impacting the shop floor and time-to-market.



Why Softtek

Extensive experience Our all-encompassing understanding of Application Portfolio Management allows us to create solutions that eliminate additional costs and give our clients the confidence to know that every effort will be aligned to deliver business value and to shift OPEX to innovation. 
Strong culture Our corporate culture provides us with the platform to have consistent processes and reliable operations.  Over 95% of our clients are from referral or repeat business, which emphasizes our commitment to positive user experience and our strong focus on customer engagement.
Specialized services Our services and solutions are aligned to your business priorities and designed to meet business quality standards.  All our operations are supported by subject matter experts who are trained to deliver solutions that match the business needs of our clients.  
Proximity model We understand that your partner relations have to be fast - offering quick interactions, timely responses, and ease in coordinating essential business meetings. Our Nearshore model ensures that our partnership is seamless and that you can reach your business partners when you need them, at a time convenient for your business needs.
The Americas From Canada to Chile, we offer our clients in-depth, country-level insights into the specific regions they want to enter.  We have extensive knowledge into each country’s culture and business mindset, and we can offer you the inside knowledge needed to be successful.

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