Manufacturing Industry

The competitive imperatives of today’s manufacturing sector include agility to respond to changing customer requirements and market demands, smart manufacturing and Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities that leverage data analytics and supply chain integration to deliver smarter products, as well as operational efficiency to enhance competitiveness and maximize investment in innovation.

The digital transformation that enables this requires a sound operational core that integrates market demands, strategy, information and the supply chain and manufacturing capabilities of the company. This digital operational core is characterized by optimized processes, system, platforms, applications and skill sets. When lacking this operational foundation, a must-have for digital transformation, organizations continue to rely on outdated legacy systems, disparate and incompatible data sets and inefficient, labor-intensive processes; undermining the company’s competitiveness.



Softtek helps organizations in the manufacturing sector to close the gap between the current environment and desired future state. Through optimization of underlying platforms, applications, processes and skill sets, we establish the operational core needed to support digital transformation.

Softtek Service Value

Softtek partners with organizations in the manufacturing industry to accelerate growth through digital transformation, operational excellence and seamless integration of the supply chain.

We modernize, integrate, automate, and manage complex technology environments – gaining efficiencies, reducing costs, increasing end-to-end visibility and enabling innovation across the entire manufacturing value chain.

Strengthening the CORE

  • Transformational ITO (AMS & IT IS)
  • Agile Development & DevOps
  • Cloud Migration & Transformation
  • Big Data Integration & Management
  • Supply Chain Integration & Management

GE Digital Alliance Partner

As a GE Digital global strategic partner, Softtek helps customers transform their industrial processes and systems into digital assets that generate unparalleled business impact. Our integration experts have extensive experience working with GE Brilliant Manufacturing suite and the Predix Platform. We have developed a time-tested and mature approach to integrate upcoming innovative with existing legacy systems through a quick, efficient, and cost-effective methodology.

  • Predix
  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Sustainability & Energy Management


Why Softtek

Proven manufacturing capabilities Softtek serves some of the world’s largest Manufacturing companies, from Automotive to CPG, helping them streamline operations and enable digital transformation throughout the entire supply chain.
Collaborative culture New agile and bi-modal approaches require tight collaboration and interaction. Softtek’s company culture is rooted on collaboration and co-creation principles. We act as an extension to our client’s teams, starting with an in depth assessment of the current operating model and tailoring our services and solutions to be aligned to the business priorities.
Geographic coverage Softtek provides comprehensive support across the Americas, from Canada and USA to Argentina and Chile, complemented with delivery from Spain, China and India for global coverage.
Agile with discipline Our process advantage lies in effectively blending strong process maturity with proven agile approaches and principles. From Lean StartUp (Softtek RunLean™) and Design Thinking to DevOps and Scalable Agile frameworks, we make work non-bureaucratic, outcome oriented and flexible. Our intricate knowledge of challenges in protecting PHI allow us to tailor individual targeted solutions to clients to mitigate risk.
Technology expertise Since Softtek is agnostic of technology, this positions our teams to be experts in a number of technologies and solutions. Working with our technology practices we bring innovation to everyday experiences. Our CoEs include experts and knowledge across emerging technologies including: IoT, mobile, AR/VR, beacons/sensors, Cloud, Machine Learning/AI, among others.
IT operations leadership Softtek operates and evolves complex application portfolios and service requirements for a diversity of industries, from the world’s largest brewer to global automotive manufacturers, to some of the largest industrial conglomerates in the world.

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