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BANKING AND FINANCIAL SERVICES Banking faces challenges derived from technological disruption, new competitors and the need for accelerated innovation models

Financial institutions seek to accelerate their digital transformation and operate in an integrated and transparent manner in each of their channels. Likewise, they must enable ‘as-a-service’ models to their customers through personalized and intelligent products and services, while evolving their legacy technology platforms in open architectures.

Enable open finance systems and personalized banking experiences with the right mix of people, processes, and technology. Let's define the future of banking, together.

For more than 35 years, Softtek has enabled the technological evolution of large banks around the world

Our capabilities in the banking and financial services industry include IT technology and infrastructure support/management models, the development and enablement of architectures and solutions for platforms and payment methods, digital marketing, advanced analytics, omnichannel, customer experience, fintech and open banking solutions, and much more.

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Improve the customer experience by enabling channels and digital architectures
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Optimize costs and maximize business efficiency through intelligent process automation
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Modernize legacy systems and accelerate the digitization and implementation of open banking architectures
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Accelerate business decision making and time to market
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Achieve automated and secure cash management functions
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Enable the advantages of the fintech model, creating unique and simple experiences

Banking & Financial Services

Banking & Financial Services executives are faced with a short- and long-term agenda and must make swift judgements to address the following focus areas:


Omnichannel customer experience.


Legacy systems evolution.


Operational cost reduction.




Digital payment platforms.


Fintech and Biotech competition.

Our services and solutions

To power new banking models demanded by clients and the changing business and tech environment, Softtek offers a full spectrum of specialized services and solutions, backed by teams with deep banking experience and knowledge:

Banking Process Digitization & Automation
Automate business and operational processes by integrating devices and physical spaces with digital environments to reduce costs, maximize efficiencies and accelerate financial product and service offerings.

By leveraging our extensive technical design experience and FRIDA™, our proprietary cognitive automation platform, combined with expertise in the principal BPM platforms, we can accelerate the implementation of "bots" to take over manual tasks, including client facing activities.
Customer experience banking solutions
Softtek’s suite of customer experience solutions helps you quickly integrate intelligent investment analysis capabilities, corporate banking solutions, and a digital branch experience for clients that still want to visit a physical location. With advanced analytical models we help you deliver unique customer journeys while accelerating innovation so you can boost loyalty with your personal banking and corporate clients.
Efficiently and securely automate cash management while monitoring its availability throughout your network of offices and automated teller machines. Optimize operations and accurately control day-to-day processes. Efficiently develop predictive models integrated into the business’s core to achieve higher productivity while reducing risk.
Digital Banking Channel & Payment Platform
Quickly optimize your consumer’s digital experience by enabling new channels, digital communication architectures and payment options.

Through application and infrastructure management, agile development and APIs, we help you create an omnichannel digital experience to delight and retain your clients.
Express remote workforce enablement
Virtualize your infrastructure and applications while complying with the financial industry standards, security protocols and regulations.

Softtek can develop onsite, hybrid or cloud work infrastructure through the combination of several disciplines to rapidly and securely implement remote working solutions.
ELLENTON (Data masking)
The most secure, flexible and efficient data masking solution.

With solid capabilities and a proven methodology, Ellenton offers the ability to handle sensitive information without exposing it, using the most advanced data masking techniques when handling data for testing, customer support, analysis, reporting, and many other processes.
Fintech solutions
Softtek’s Fintech solution suite delivers the benefits of the Fintech model to your business so you can evolve your traditional banking model to face the onslaught of new competitors. Fintech startups have introduced new models for quickly, comfortably and transparently managing clients and their money through technology platforms and products that deliver a unique user experience.
IT Cost Optimization
The banking and financial services industry invests more in technology and innovation than any other industry. Subsequently, optimizing IT budgets has become a today’s banking priority.

Softtek supports our clients’ cost optimization goals by optimizing business processes, improving productivity and plugging budget leaks through a deep diagnostic and detection process into possible areas of waste in IT spending.
Operational Intelligence
Our Operational Intelligence services helps you standardize your data to give your decision-makers visibility into possible interruptions. Through technology to measure operational and business impact, your bank can make decisions in real-time through a perfect integration between operational, technological and back-end data.
Open banking enablement
Open Banking has enabled a whole new level of collaboration between third party platforms, digital natives and other players in the banking ecosystem.

Through APIfication, Big Data, Microservices and Artificial Intelligence, Softtek helps its clients adapt their legacy systems into digital platforms through open architectures capable of sharing data and services for use by commercial applications to achieve a lightweight, scalable and versatile banking system.
Quality Engineering services
Improve End User Experience by Releasing New & Enhanced Functionality Faster and with Higher Quality
  • Higher maturity levels: Shift left at the core of our philosophy
  • Closer collaboration teams: Nearshore Agile testing teams with optimal communication and quick delivery
  • Intelligent test automation to boost productivity and reduce testing efforts
Remittances, Digital Evolution services
  • Personalized and frictionless omnichannel experience for increased customer satisfaction & loyalty
  • Full financial & money transfer digital experience
  • Support multiple countries and languages while reducing operating complexity
  • Reliable transactions and consistent product offering
  • Adaptable to meet business needs with quick time to value

How we are helping clients in the Banking and Financial sector

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