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Energy & Utilities

Sustainable and conscientious transformation

Addressing climate change and sustainability must coexist during the period of transition from non-renewable energies. The sector must face challenges such as the firm intent on a new model of electrical mobility and the support for self-consumption as the basis for a new model of distributed generation. Softtek lights the way toward a new business model.

Agenda for Energy & Utilities

Energy & Utilities companies have several short- and long-term priorities that will require freeing up budget and accelerating technology adoption.

Climate change impact.


Energy efficiency.


High competitiveness.


Aware consumer.


New regulations and rate changes.


Seamless digital channels.


Remote, real-time data analysis and management.


IoT and process automation.

Digital transformation is in peak demand

Softtek helps energy and utility companies address three key axes: sustainability, climate change, and security of supply. Our digital evolution solutions unlock intelligent optimization of energy grids, efficient management and reuse of resources, and total compliance.

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Leverage IoT for smart meter, smart grid, and microgrid capabilities
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Use big data and AI to analyze and manage data in real time
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Improve the speed and quality of decision making with intelligent automation
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Ensure the resilience of the ecosystem against cybersecurity threats or accidents
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Maximize the value of your ERP resources
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Digitalize the management and field work of technicians
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Minimize the impact of infrastructure failures through predictive maintenance
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Unlock smart infrastructure management and continuous improvement
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Our services and solutions

Softtek offers a wide range of specialized services and solutions backed by highly trained teams with deep industry knowledge in the following areas:
Internet of Things
blauLabs is a proven enterprise IoT platform that seamlessly integrates into your technology ecosystem, connects "out of the box" to a wide variety of signal and data sources, processes large amounts of data in a cloud environment, and provides tools for advanced self-service visualization and analytics.
Big Data & AI
Big Data platforms and tools make it possible to better know the customer and their consumption and improve operational processes and efficiency.
  • Enhance demand forecasting to adjust to possible fluctuations and reduce waste
  • Increase energy efficiency and provide a safe, economical, and sustainable supply
  • Drastically improve process performance through predictive maintenance analysis to eliminate machine downtime
Intelligent Automation
Improve the speed and quality of decision making by collecting real-time information, applying patterns and reference values, and generating alarms and messages that make the work easier for the employees. This allows the interaction with the processes by a software, without assuming risks in plant (SCADA). In addition, automation drives the transformation in any phase, allows the control of the traceability of operations and assets, and offers solutions in commercial processes such as fraud liquidation, On-Boarding in contracting or automatic invoicing.
RPA for Utilities Process
Achieve cost efficiencies and more opportunities for business evolution. With our FRIDA™ cognitive automation platform and expertise with the market’s top platforms, Softtek accelerates the implementation of "bots" and “cobots” that execute manual tasks, including those with humans.
Digital Transformation Services
We have the experience to help your business achieve operational excellence. We provide consulting services and emerging technology expertise with a Design Thinking capability for you to access new product development processes through creative testing methods.
We specialize in the implementation and support of SAP IS-U, driven by our industry-specific Center of Excellence with extensive knowledge and experience with the sector’s core modules and critical processes.
Intelligent IT Operations
Our cutting-edge approach has powered some of the world’s most sophisticated and efficient systems. Built on modern SRE principles, Softtek keeps your IT operation running smoothly with next-gen AIOps capabilities.
SAP S/4HANA Evolution Services
With strong capabilities and a proven methodology, Softtek helps implement or migrate quickly and securely to the new SAP platform, aiding your transition to the digital age.
Business Platform Integration
Softtek has an extensive background in SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), integrating applications, analytics, and databases in hybrid and cloud environments.