Rebuilding membership value for the digital wellness revolution

Driven by social distancing and innovative offerings from digitally native wellness companies, recent trends show a dramatic shift towards digital in the broader fitness and wellness sector. Fitness and wellness operators are now looking to pioneer more resilient operations and provide new and diverse omnichannel experiences.


The digital wellness revolution is here

Traditional wellness operators face increased consolidation, accelerated digitalization, and the pressure to make a healthy lifestyle accessible through new digital offerings.

Future fit your operations with our data analytics, automation platforms, application, and member engagement services to start seeing immediate business gains.

Join the digital wellness revolution and quickly transform with Softtek’s global nearshore delivery and agile development capability
Set a clear change management strategy backed by Lean 6S, CMMi, and ITIL guidelines for predictable transformation
Combine the power of data and AI to fuel a 360-member view
Enable experiences that inspire the wellness community at the facility or wherever the wellness journey takes them
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Finding the Right Solutions

Today, the fitness and wellness community expects the flexibility to traverse a physical and digital experience based on comfort level and convenience. Softtek’s solutions and services can be rapidly implemented to boost engagement and loyalty, augment revenue streams, scale operations, and enable resilient business models.


Digital Advisory and Consulting


Digital Advisory and Consulting

With a data-driven understanding of customer preferences and business needs, we design, engineer, and enhance digital roadmaps to deliver the member and employee experience that yields loyalty.

Digital Channel Enablement


Digital Channel Enablement

Become a true wellness platform. Identify gaps in the digital experience and align business drivers across the member and employee value chain.

Product engineering and support


Product engineering and support

Augment your teams to engineer and support dynamic digital experiences for employees and members. With Softtek’s nearshore agile pods, work with experienced consultants on dedicated remote agile teams during your working hours.

Intelligent Enterprise


Intelligent Enterprise

Power the IT operation and business with AI, automation, and analytics for cost efficient operations and monetizable insights.


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Digital Commerce Radar

June 2020 edition

We regularly update our commerce radar, a simple list of established and up and coming platforms and options for Digital Commerce, to keep track of the evolving landscape. It can be useful to identify new technologies, platforms, functionality and trends by following what’s new and what’s working.

While we mostly use this radar for ourselves, we’ve had been asked to share a few times and decided to make it available for anyone interested.


Let me know when this is updated