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Making wellness accessible
to all

Why total wellness?

Total wellness is a consumer movement centered around improving physical and mental health outcomes through diet, exercise, mindfulness, and lifestyle. This is an opportunity for fitness & wellness operators to integrate personalized solutions into more aspects of consumers’ lives that simplify their wellness journey and are available anytime, anyplace.

Healthy tech. Healthy community.

Traditional wellness operators today face increased technology platforms consolidation with gaps in the total experience, tough competition with digitally native businesses, increasing operational costs, and the pressure to make health and wellness accessible through new digital offerings.

A healthy technology operation frees up time and money for innovation to provide a total experience that fits consumer needs. Future fit your operations with our data analytics, automation, member engagement, and application services to start seeing immediate and lasting business gains.

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Accelerate your digital evolution with Softtek’s global nearshore delivery and agile development capabilities
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Combine the power of data and AI to fuel a 360-member view
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Enable experiences that inspire the wellness community at the facility or wherever the wellness journey takes them
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Set a clear change management strategy backed by Lean Six Sigma, CMMi, and ITIL guidelines for a predictable transformation
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Optimize the technology ecosystem with world-class, end-to-end ITO services

Finding the right solutions

Today, the fitness & wellness community expects the flexibility to traverse a physical and digital experience based on comfort level and convenience. Softtek’s solutions and services can be rapidly implemented to boost engagement and loyalty, add revenue streams, scale operations, and enable resilient business models.
Digital Advisory and Consulting
With a data-driven understanding of customer preferences and business needs, we design, engineer, and enhance digital transformation roadmaps.
Digital Channel Enablement
Become a true wellness platform. Identify gaps in the digital experience and align business drivers across the value chain.
Product Engineering and Support
With Softtek’s nearshore agile pods, work with experienced consultants and developers during your working hours to create dynamic digital experiences.
Intelligent Enterprise
Power IT and business operations with AI, automation, and analytics for cost efficiency and monetizable insights.
We manage, support, and optimize complex technology ecosystems so you can concentrate on your core business.