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Fitness & Wellness

Rebuilding membership value through data and technology

We empower organizations to incorporate technology into the fitness & wellness ecosystem, optimizing operations and elevating service quality for maximum impact and revenue growth. With deep industry knowledge and a technology-agnostic approach, our services easily adapt to diverse platforms and emerging innovations.

Our approach to industry challenges

High member expectations, advanced competition, and increased data granularity generate unique challenges for the industry. A resilient technology strategy is crucial for reducing costs, increasing member engagement, and maximizing the business ROI.
Constrained IT Funding
We identify and propose strategies to reduce operational costs, focusing on enhancing visibility and leveraging automation in IT and business processes.
Inconsistent Digital Experience
We refine digital interactions to deliver seamless, high-quality user experiences that exceed modern consumer expectations.
Fragmented Digital Product Ecosystem
We address market fragmentation by improving product integration and functionality, ensuring a connected wellness ecosystem for members.
Elevated Churn Rate
We leverage Softtek's AI-driven data modeling to identify at-risk members by utilizing data and insights from member journeys, thereby enhancing engagement and creating unique experiences.
Lack of Data Intelligence for Effective Interventions
We help enterprises achieve a member 360 view, providing insights that enable the personalization of services and individual wellness journeys.

Our offer: Rebuilding membership value through data and technology

Softtek empowers fitness and wellness organizations to integrate and improve their digital ecosystems. We increase member engagement across multiple channels, optimize IT operations, and provide invaluable insights for a deeper understanding of members to boost their lifetime value.



Why choose Softtek?

  • Geographic footprint advantage: Leveraging the expertise of over 15,000 professionals across 15 Global Delivery Centers, we deliver high productivity and low attrition rates through our global nearshore services

  • Maximizing technology utilization: With deep industry knowledge, we ensure optimal use of technology to maximize business value

  • Technology agnostic approach: Remain adaptable by not being tied to specific platforms or innovations

New personal best! Our clients have achieved:

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10-20% member churn reduction
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Up to 45% reduction to IT spend
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Improved conversion rates using member 360 data insights
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Positive ROI on digital product/service launches