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Enhancing care quality through technology

Healthcare organizations are tasked with improving care quality while addressing the complexities of accessibility, affordability, clinical outcomes, and patient satisfaction. We help payers, providers, and public health entities worldwide adopt cloud-based solutions, advanced digital capabilities, and data analytics to optimize resource capacity, elevate workforce productivity, and establish seamless data connectivity to enable the delivery of personalized services across multiple channels.

Provide high-quality medical interactions with next-gen technology and digital solutions. Let’s define the future of healthcare, together.

Agenda for Healthcare

Healthcare organizations today are faced with a short- and long- term agenda and must make swift judgements to address the following focus areas:
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Resource optimization and operational cost efficiency.

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Enhanced patient and professional experiences.

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Improved accessibility and security of patient information.

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Empowering proactive and preventative care through advanced analytics.

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Remote monitoring and interoperability.

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Equitable access and coverage.


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At Softtek, we put people at the heart of care, elevating quality experiences for all

We drive continuous innovation, data-driven insights, and Agile work methodologies to support this vision.

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Digitalize the patient experience
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Respond quickly to regulatory changes and new mandates
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Unlock high performance in healthcare back office operations
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Build future-fit talent through academies and skill development
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Adopt digital acceleration models
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Improve digital security posture

Our services and solutions

Softtek has created a series of solutions that can be implemented and deployed flexibly to tackle the challenges facing the healthcare industry.
Agile Transformation
Our teams transform while they perform – causing minimal disruption or service degradation during the early stages of the Agile transformation. The combination of Agile Transformation Services and Agile Development Services ensures that the transformation will stick.
Intelligent Test Automation
With more than 2,500 Quality Engineering professionals in our Global Nearshore network, we bring high-demand skills across QA, automation, continuous testing, DevOps and Agile to clients around the world in all industries.
Industry Accelerators
We offer accelerators, enablers, use cases, and pre-trained cognitive models geared towards the Healthcare industry.
Application Development
As the pioneer and largest provider of Nearshore development services, we build next generation applications using agile and DevOps, maximizing Onshore and Nearshore delivery to speed up roadmaps, team engagement and productivity goals.
  • Modern app development (µSvc, API, Mobile/Responsive, WCM, Cognitive APIs)
  • Application QA, testing and validation
  • Cognitive Testing Automation for Software & Apps
  • App design and development through Agile Pods onDemand
  • Minimize time-to-market
ERP & Core
Enable an intelligent, scalable, lean, and versatile platform. Softtek evolves legacy platforms to digital by establishing open platforms capable of sharing data and services for their use in commercial apps, relying on APIfication, BigData, Microservices, and AI.
  • SAP S/4 HANA for Healthcare
  • Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare
  • SAP Roadmap for Healthcare
  • Salesforce CRM
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Google Cloud
  • AWS
  • xHIS - EHR – EMR integration
  • Client Value Assessment
Process Automation
Automate business and operations processes that directly impact cost reduction, efficiency maximization and accelerate innovation in products and services.Softtek’s cognitive FRIDA automation services help solve complex problems using deep learning and related AI technologies to understand and process a wide variety of information, including video, photos, free-form text, voice, pdfs, scanned documents and other non-structured data.
  • Catalogue of bots preconfigured to healthcare processes
  • FRIDA Cognitive Automation
  • Business Automation as a Service
Operational Intelligence
Monitor the operational health of technology-enabled processes through the transparent integration of business information and technical KPIs.
  • Operational intelligence for critical business processes
  • Smart application performance monitoring
  • Quick implementation of financial dashboards
  • Advanced IT Operations (AMS & ITIS)
  • Site Reliability Engineering
  • DIEGO Digitized Governance
  • Proactive performance monitoring
  • Intelligent Automation
  • Global 24x7 coverage
  • Application streamlining
  • Infrastructure management
Patient experience
Swiftly improve your digital experience and enable new channels to interact with patients and partners. Deploy your omnichannel digital experience through our application and infrastructure management, agile development, and API management capabilities.
  • Demand generation
  • Customer experience design & engineering
  • e-Commerce platform and payment methods
  • Customer-care analytics
  • Digital marketing
  • Mobile-first approach
  • Quick capability and service integration
  • Software and solution testing
Digital Acceleration Lab
Discover, create, and test digital capabilities with the potential to transform the Healthcare sector.