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Digital on a modern infrastructure foundation

The way in which infrastructure is defined, provisioned, monitored, and secured is rapidly changing. Power digital business on top of a modern infrastructure foundation.

An ever-evolving infrastructure foundation

Infrastructure connects everything: manufacturing, supply chains, employees, suppliers, clients and communities. Imagine fully leveraging the power of the cloud, adopting new network technologies, and orchestrating a limitless number of endpoints, all critical for digital business. With modern digital workplaces, employees are happier and more productive.

We empower infrastructure leaders and their teams with the right process, governance, technology experts, automation infrastructure, monitoring capabilities and cybersecurity foundation to make this vision happen sooner, safely and efficiently. We empower digital business to thrive on a modern, ever-evolving infrastructure foundation.

"Infrastructure is becoming software, and provisioned in radical new ways. You need to rapidly evolve how it is provisioned, supported and managed."

Luis Solares

Practice Leader
Softtek Infrastructure Services


Softtek offers a comprehensive suite of IT infrastructure services.
Cloud Infrastructure Services
Rely on the most powerful and efficient cloud services to date with our strategy, migration, modernization and cloud optimization services.
Data center to hybrid cloud transformation
Leverage public clouds while modernizing your data centers into efficient private clouds you control, now offering dynamic capabilities.
User Infrastructure Services
Ensure highly productive employees with access to everything they need to stay productive and satisfied, on any device and in any location.
Digital workplace & collaboration
Bring a next-generation digital workplace to your workforce to unleash what they can accomplish through collaboration, automation and next-gen tools.
Service management consulting
Consultancy and Advisory on IT Service Management process design and implementation based ITIL, ISO/IEC20000, COBIT, PMP and Agile.

Services portfolio also include IT Cost Reduction Assessment, ITSM and CMDB Tool Implementation / Management.
Edge & IoT managed services
Ensure edge infrastructure and networks operate efficiently and safely through edge computing monitoring and support command center service.
Infrastructure as code
Shift from old paradigms to infrastructure as code, enabling automation, continuous deployment and advance SRE strategies that make the business digitally resilient.
Network & telecom services
Increase network performance and bandwidth while optimizing costs, increasing resiliency and security as you implement new technologies to secure your digital success.

What's behind our Infrastructure Services

Learn more about our approach to infrastructure services and foundational elements underpinning our offerings, from our shift-to-left strategy embedded in our services, to our 24x7 global nearshore delivery model to our process foundation.

Shift-left strategy
Infrastructure as code approach
Centers of excellence network
Global Nearshore delivery model
Process orientation

Enhanced digital workplace and modern infrastructure capabilities place new demand on the support organization. Our "shift to left" strategy continuously drives automation and self-healing capabilities to drive costs down, and satisfaction up.

Our software and infrastructure CoE constantly research and adopt new ways to support continuous delivery models, enabling enterprise-ready "infrastructure as code" approaches and other ways to deliver modern infrastructure capabilities across the organization.

Behind our services is a growing network of experts across seven CoEs: Data management, Advanced Virtualization, Monitoring, Service Desk, Networking, Cloud and DevOps CoEs.

We pioneered the Nearshore (TM) delivery model in 1996 to emphasise the value of concurrent work and daytime collaboration, in addition with the natural needs of talent for normal working hours, resulting in highly motivated, productive and engaged talent everywhere we operate.

Softtek's Framework for Intelligent Digital Automation (FRIDA) complements and augments what leading automation platforms can do. It brings forth a new threshold of automation possibilities for edge computing, hybrid cloud, workplace and service desk scenarios—saving resources, increasing service reliability and agility.

We have been early adopters of all major industry best practices and process frameworks. Our infrastructure services are repeatable and built on a solid process foundation, aligned with ISO/IEC 20,000-1, 27,000-1, ITIL, Lean Six Sigma and PMI, in addition to technology and OEM specific process frameworks.