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Face disruption and welcome innovation at speed with an efficient and agile digital core

Let go of legacy systems and start creating a lasting legacy in your industry. We help pharma and beauty clients ideate, deploy, and run a modern enterprise IT strategy fit for market and regulatory disruption. Rationalize the IT operation and empower teams with a single source of truth driven by real-time data analytics, cloud first, and total synchronization across the value chain.

Boost transparency, patient centricity, and personalization through the right blend of people, processes, and technology. Let’s define the future of Pharma & Beauty, together.


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Agenda for the Pharma & Beauty industry

Pharma and beauty executives are faced with a short- and long-term agenda and must make swift judgements to address the following focus areas:



Ensure business continuity and empower the remote workforce.

Quality products

Develop safe and effective medicine, beauty, and personal care products.


Improve data analytics leverage to optimize pharma production, maximize R&D and clinical trial results, KYC, and more.


Support continuous digital transformation while building and running secure preclinical and clinical software.


Promote collaboration throughout the value chain for efficient demand generation and fulfillment.


Maximize the existing technology stack and rationalize IT spend to reduce disruptions.

Our services and solutions

To tackle the six challenges, Softtek has created a series of flexible solutions that can be implemented and deployed rapidly:

IT Strategy
  • ERP Services
  • IT Process Implementation
  • Digitized IT Governance
  • Telco & Cloud Services
  • Low Touch Economy
Operational Intelligence
  • Advanced IT Operations
  • Modern Application Development (µSvc, API, Mobile/Responsive, WCM, Cognitive APIs)
  • Application QA, Testing and Validation
  • Agile Development
Supply Chain Ecosystem
  • Logistics Operational Intelligence (WMS & TMS)
  • Smart Manufacturing IoT
  • Plant Resource Optimization IoT
  • BPO Smart Procurement
  • Sales and Operations Planning (SAP & Blue Yonder)
Customer Experience
  • Unified Commerce Solution
  • Digital Sales Services
  • Digital MKT
  • Customer Experience Design & Engineering
Business Intelligence
  • Short-term Demand Forecasting Tuning
  • Intelligent Automation of Business Processes (RPA)
  • Business Process Digitization (BPM/BPA)
  • E2E Advanced Analytics
Click2Sync Omnichannel
Click2Sync is a multichannel e-commerce integration platform that rapidly and reliably connects storefronts, marketplaces, ERPs, and more. Consolidate your information and keep it synchronized across channels and platforms.

How we are helping clients in the Pharma & Beauty sector

Servicenow | Pharma & Beauty
Healthcare staffing leader creates self-service channels to protect customer data privacy through ServiceNow
Servicenow | Pharma & Beauty
Improving a pharma leader’s IT service delivery with ServiceNow process consolidation
SAP | Cloud Services | Application Management | Microsoft Platform Services CS | Pharma & Beauty
ERP and Azure support give pharma R&D leader 99.9% infrastructure availability4
SAP | Application Services | Pharma & Beauty
ERP management and modernization keep pharma leader on top and focused
Pharma & Beauty
Form digitalization services enable lightning fast pharma development and approval process
Consumer Packaged Goods | SAP | Pharma & Beauty
SAP S/4 HANA migration puts pharma leader's core business in the cloud
Retail | Digital Sales Services | Pharma & Beauty
Digital sales services help pharma leader surpass annual eCommerce sales goal in one month
Consumer Packaged Goods | Pharma & Beauty | Fitness & Wellness
Headless eCommerce and CMS help nutrition leader create unique UX in different countries